Gymkhana equals equestrian fun for all

gymkhana_Rowan, Jr,  Cloverleaf BarrelsFourth annual Gilpin Gymkhana Buckle Series results

by Patty Unruh

Folks having fun on horses – a great ending to summer 2015 as riders of all ages gathered for the final gymkhana competition of the season at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds arena on Saturday, September 12. Children and adults and their steeds participated on the sunny, gusty day in pole races, figure 8 barrels, cloverleaf barrels, and flags, and a just-for-fun trails race. A picnic lunch for riders, their immediate families, and volunteers followed the timed races. Last Saturday’s event was the third and final installment of this summer’s gymkhana series. Results are shown below.

The racers’ times were tracked by the workers in the crow’s nest booth. An extra timekeeper was down in the arena just in case anything went wrong in the booth. Old-time country and western music provided a good rhythm for the horses and their riders. Most of the riders had good runs and performed their patterns well, but occasionally someone would knock over a barrel or pole or miss the bucket when trying to place a flag. In those cases, the announcer helped with encouraging remarks, such as “You’ll learn from that,” or “I guarantee you’ll get better through the day,” or “That’s the way to see it through.” Family members and friends urged the riders on to success.

Vicki Nemec, event coordinator, advised that the gymkhana is put on by volunteers, in partnership with the Front Range Livestock Association (FRLA). Nemec said next year’s event will have a new partner group and new coordinator. The FRLA will be unable to partner with the volunteers in 2016, so another non-profit group will be coming in. The County, said Nemec, will step back and allow the gymkhana to become a stand-alone event that uses the facility.

The riders were not required to participate in all three events over the summer to be eligible for a buckle award. It was a point-based system; if a rider was a no-show at one of the events, he or she got no points for that occasion. Nemec reported that this rule is under debate, and with a new group coming in, that could change next year.

She also mentioned, “We have wonderful sponsors for the buckles. Even the Pee Wees get one.” The sponsors were Jeff Fruth of Fruth Construction, Nancy Mulholland of the Lazy T Quarter Circle N Ranch, Cindy McCollum of McCollum Excavation, Mike Day of Front Range Livestock Association, and Stephanie McCollum of Underground Liquors.

Buckle Winners (Overall Results):

Pee Wee (ages 4-8) – Allayah Boogard on Kenai with 52 points

Junior (ages 9-13) – Rowan Nasty on Velvet with 64 points

Intermediate (ages 14-17) – Jordan Hansen on Spirit with 66 points

Senior Novice (age 18 and up) – Stuart Schultz on Zip with 55 points

Senior Advanced (age 18 and up) – Denise Loos on Junior with 70 points

September Results:

Pee Wee:

Poles – 1-Allayah Boogard, 2-Payton Kutzcher, 3-Julia Allen, 4-Raygann Roark, 5-Sammy Kapke

Figure 8 Barrels – 1-Allayah Boogard, 2-Julia Allen, 3-Payton Kutzcher, 4-Brylee DeRay, 5-Kylie Harrington

Cloverleaf Barrels – 1-Allayah Boogard, 2-Payton Kutzcher, 3-Julia Allen, 4-Brylee DeRay, 5-Sammy Kapke

Flags – 1-Brylee DeRay, 2-Julia Allen, 3-Brianna Crawford, 4-Kylie Harrington


Poles – 1-Rowan Nasty, 2-Rylee Kutscher, 3-Eve Colton, 4-Mary Jeanne Jarril, 5-Ainsley Norman

Figure 8 Barrels – 1-Rylee Kutscher, 2-Rowan Nasty, 3-Eve Colton, 4-Haley Stundon, 5-Ainsley Norman

Cloverleaf Barrels – 1-Rylee Kutscher, 2-Rowan Nasty, 3-Eve Colton, 4-Makenzi Weber, 5-Allison HardtZeman

Flags – 1-Rowan Nasty, 2-Ainsley Norman, 3-Eve Colton, 4-Allison HardtZeman, 5-Makenzi Weber


Poles – 1-Sarie Lund, 2-Jordan Hansen

Figure 8 Barrels – 1-Jordan Hansen, 2-Sarie Lund

Cloverleaf Barrels – 1-Jordan Hansen, 2-Sarie Lund

Flags – 1-Sarie Lund, 2-Jordan Hansen

Senior Novice:

Poles – 1-Nancy Colton, 2-Stuart Schultz, 3-Sheila Ranegar, 4-Pam Harrington

Figure 8 Barrels – 1-Stuart Schultz, 2-Nancy Colton, 3-Sheila Ranegar, 4-Ann Marie Fruth

Cloverleaf Barrels – 1-Nancy Colton, 2-Sheila Ranegar, 3-Anne Marie Fruth

Flags – 1-Sheila Ranegar, 2-Stuart Schultz, 3-Nancy Colton, 4-Pam Harrington, 5-Anne Marie Fruth

Senior Advanced:

Poles – 1-Denise Loos, 2-Jeff Fruth

Figure 8 Barrels – 1-Nancy Mulholland, 2-Denise Loos, 3-Jeff Fruth

Cloverleaf Barrels – 1-Denise Loos, 2-Nancy Mulholland, 3-Jeff Fruth;

Flags – 1-Jeff Fruth, 2-Denise Loos.

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