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Black Hawk Council approves service agreements for 2020

By Randy Beaudette

A contractual agreement with Weecycle for mold mitigation and more service agreements highlighted the Black Hawk City Council meeting held on January 22, 2020.

Black Hawk City Attorney Cory Hoffmann rang the bell promptly at 3 pm to signal the start of the regular meeting. Mayor Spellman called the Council to order followed by Roll Call, then led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council members present were Aldermen: Linda Armbright, Paul Bennett, Jim Johnson, Hal Midcap, Greg Moates, and Benito Torres. Also present were City Attorney Corey Hoffmann, City Manager Stephen Cole, Police Chief Kenneth Lloyd, Fire Chief Christopher Woolley, Public Works Director Tom Isbester, Finance Director Lance Hillis, Planning and Development Director Cindy Linker, and acting Deputy City Clerk City Clerk/ Administrative Services Director Melissa Greiner.

City Attorney Hoffmann asked Council to declare any Conflicts of Interest on any issue appearing on the agenda other that than those already disclosed and filed with the City Clerk and Secretary of State. There were no objections from the City Council or from the attendees in the chambers.

Approval of Minutes

Black Hawk Aldermen approved the meeting minutes form the January 8, 2020 Regular Meeting with no changes or amendments.

Mold Mitigation Agreement (Resolution 4-2020)

Black Hawk City Council approved the Agreement for Mold Remediation for the Structures Located at 221 Gregory Street with Weecycle Environmental Consulting, Inc. in a total amount not to exceed $28,206.

On August 22, 2019, Weecycle Environmental Consulting, Inc. conducted a visual inspection and collected samples from the structure known as the Oyler, Rudolph, Rogers, and Lincoln building located at 221 Gregory Street, Black Hawk. Weecycle submitted samples for analysis to Reservoirs Environmental of Denver, CO. The purpose of this limited investigation was to provide the City of Black Hawk with information regarding specific indoor air quality factors in the structure, at the time of the investigation. The results of the investigation and assessment of the data indicated that remediation of microbial growth on all three (3) floors and the crawlspace take place. The air-borne spore counts in the indoor environment were higher than the results of the baseline outdoor sample used for comparison. The visual assessment noted the presence of visible mold on all three floors and the crawlspace.

Lease Agreement (Resolution 5-2020)

A motion was made approving the Agreement of Lease between the City of Black Hawk as Lessor and Black Hawk Bean & Cream LTD as Lessee. Black Hawk City Council approved the lease unanimously.

Service Agreements (Resolution 6-2020)

Public Works Director Tom Isbester presented a resolution approving Certain Service Agreements for Calendar Year 2020. The Public Works Department utilizes several service providers to supplement services provided to the City from engineering and related activities to trash removal and electrical and emergency water line repair services. The consultants proposed are: CCS, Baseline Engineering Corp, Stolfus & Associates, Terracon, Ostrander Consulting, Grapes & Sons, One-Way, LSI, Leonard Rice, WL, Choice Electrical, Sun Valley Electrical, and PEH. Black Hawk City Council approved the service agreements unanimously

Construction Agreement Amendment (Resolution 7-2020)

Black Hawk City Council approved Amendment No. 4 to the Construction Manager/ General Contractor Agreement Executed on February 27, 2019 between the City of Black Hawk and Roche Constructors, Inc., increasing the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) by $96,800 for the Purpose of Procuring and Installing an Elevator in the Gregory Street Commercial Building Located at 221 Gregory Street. City Council approved a Construction Manager/ General Contractor (CMGC) contract with Roche Constructors, Inc. on February 27, 2019 to complete preconstruction services for the Gregory Street Plaza project. City Council approved Amendment No. 1 to this Agreement on July 10, 2019 that authorized Roche Constructors to move the McAfee, Woodbury, and Norton Houses off their foundations and procure the precast sections of concrete box culvert necessary to reconstruct the flume between High and Church Streets. On September 25, 2019, City Council approved Amendment No. 2 to this Agreement that authorized building and site construction throughout the Gregory Street Plaza. Then, on December 11, 2019, City Council approved Amendment No. 3 to this Agreement, authorizing exterior rehabilitation of the historic church located at 331 Gregory Street. Amendment No. 4 to the Agreement would approve procurement and installation of a traction elevator in 221 Gregory Street. Costs to construct the complete rehabilitation of 221 Gregory Street will be presented to City Council at a later date. The elevator is being presented as a separate Amendment due to the long lead time of elevators. The increase of the GMP due to the additional scope included in Amendment No. 4 is $96,800. This would bring the overall project GMP to $13,238,352.

Legal Counsel

City Attorney Corey Hoffmann briefed City Council on behalf of the City Clerk of the receipt of Annexation Petitions from a property owner known as RSM located in the Black Hawk area. The next step is to review the petition to ensure they are in compliance with the Colorado Annexation Act. If they are in compliance, then a hearing will be set in the future. According to Mr. Hoffmann, “These are the first steps in the long annexation process.”

Executive Session

A motion was passed at 3:10 pm for Council to recess into Executive Session per CRS 24-402(4)(e) to determine positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations; developing strategy for negotiations; and instructing negotiators.

Next Meeting

Black Hawk City Council meeting will be conducted February 12, 2020 at 3:00 pm at 211 Church Street, Black Hawk, Colorado.



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