Going to the source for fresh produce

Uproot volunteers put in a little sweat equity to pick a hill of beans for the Food Bank

By Jaclyn Schrock

Last week the Weld County Food Bank received at least 2,000 pounds of fresh green beans. Only eight Uproot volunteers showed up in northeastern Colorado beyond Greeley, last Thursday. We gleaned a small portion of the 50 rows designated to be given to the Food Bank. The eight volunteers picking beans about three hours each barely filled half a container of beans. Fortunately, the farmer pitched in with his big combine and in two passes he had finished the job, and made a hill of beans so to speak.

That hill of beans filled five large cardboard cartons on a wagon sent to the refrigerators of the Weld County Food Bank.

Volunteers can be any age to pick produce. It is a fabulous opportunity to join into the process of bringing food to the table. It helps farmers and families.

We also brought home enough beans for ourselves to freeze for the winter.

Gleaning volunteers can be notified of opportunities to pick produce in designated sections of Colorado until November each year. There are also other opportunities to volunteer, working from home.

We like getting out and doing the real things, and meeting the others who are also helping make food available.

Would you, your family and friends like to be part of the solution? may be the place that fits you into being part of the solution.

Mission – We measurably reduce surplus agriculture in Colorado, support the economic stability of farmers and increase the nutritional security of our state’s residents.

Vision – A mindful, humane and equitable Colorado foodshed where farmers are valued for what they are: a cornerstone of our society.

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