Gilpin’s prom enchants

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Gilpin Juniors and Seniors have the time of their lives

By Trystin Swan

As the school year quickly comes to an end, my fellow students and I at Gilpin County High School will remember our senior prom as one of the last big memories before graduation.

On Friday April 27th, a number of Gilpin County students went to prom at the Vista Applewood Golf Course in Golden. It was for sure a night to remember as many people arrived in style, and after dinner danced and sang the night away with some of their closest friends and significant others.

Personally witnessing and being a part of one of my last proms is something that I will carry with me throughout my life. As most of my fellow seniors and I prepare for graduation, this memory of all of us together is something I’m sure we will cherish. Whether it was all of us doing the cupid shuffle, singing our hearts out, or the first slow dance, it was special – from the goofy moments with many of us not knowing how to dance in the dance circle, or to those crazy photo booth pictures. These are some of the last memories all of us will have together.

Even those underclassmen that came made the night special for all of us. Later on in the dance, the announcement of prom King and Queen was made. Congratulations to Cicely Lepro and Josh Trujillo on winning Prom King and Queen 2018 and the bizarre royalty picture that you gave us all.

After prom was over we all arrived at the school for a very late fun night of “after prom.” Right off the bat we all went into the auditorium to play our first game of Let’s Make a Deal. The majority of us won some pretty peculiar prizes from the first round, though there were some good gift cards and a VR headset.

After many snacks and energy drinks later, most of us stay at the school until 3 am to win the next round of even better prizes.

Then after many games of volleyball, basketball, and laser tag we again gathered in the auditorium to win the really big prizes. Some of the prizes included sleeping bags, tents, printers, speakers, and Keurigs. The remaining Seniors and Juniors got the big prizes and walked out of “after prom” like a champion with the great prize we all received. A special thanks to all the volunteers and booster club who made prom 2018 something extra special – couldn’t have done it without you all! This surely was a night to remember from reviving old traditions to starting new ones.

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