Gilpin Treasurer to upgrade computer systems

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Commissioners review cemetery fencing funding request

By Randy Beaudette

Gilpin County Board of Commissioners regular meeting got under way promptly at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday on March 14, 2017 chaired by Commissioner Gail Watson, along with Commissioners Linda Isenhart and Ron Engles. Also present were County Manager Roger Baker, County Attorney Jim Petrock, and Deputy Clerk to the Board Sharon Cate.

WIC Program Proposal

Gilpin County Commissioners heard a proposal from Public Health Coordinator Bonnie Albrecht to assign the duties of the Woman, Infant and Children (WIC) Educator to the Gilpin County Public Health Administrative Assistant. WIC is a nutrition program is for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children up to 5 years of age. It provides nutrition education including breastfeeding support, nutritious foods to supplement to a person’s regular diet, screenings and referrals, specialty formulas, and prenatal classes. The additional responsibilities also come with a yearly salary increase of $10,000 and yearly funding for equipment to the tune of $5,000. There are 58 families eligible for WIC services in Gilpin County presently they are utilizing services offered by Boulder, Jefferson, and Clear Creek Counties. The Board of Commissioners did not decide on the proposal stating they needed more time to study the impacts to the budget, since this was not a budgeted line item.

BMX Track Expansion

The Commissioners approved an expansion of the BMX track located in the Fairgrounds complex. Fair Coordinator Heather Pearce proposed that the track be widened an additional 20 feet to make the track much more usable. Widening the track would require the removal of about 20 aspen trees and additional dirt work by the Public Works.

More Funding Requested for the Cemetery Fence

As published in the Weekly Register-Call March 9th edition, Central City is considering a proposal that will need an increase of matching funds from Gilpin County for the fence around the historic cemeteries west of town. The proposal would add another $4,000 to the already approved $17,500 for the buck & rail fence favored by Central City due to its durability and the ease of maintenance. The fencing around the historic cemeteries is necessary to control abuse and erosion from illegal motor vehicle operations and illegal camping. Gilpin Commissioners did not vote on the additional funds at this time, stating more information from Central City Council is needed to support this effort.

Timberline Fire Equipment Funding

The Commissioners approve $39,371 in PILT money to Timberline Fire for additional equipment. Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) are Federal funds allocated to emergency agencies in exchange for emergency services carried out on Federal Lands. Because the Federal Government doesn’t pay local taxes, and emergency services are occasionally needed on Federal land, the government pays out PILT money for equipment and training. These funds are sent to the County and are distributed to the emergency agencies accordingly. Timberline plans to purchase a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) for back country rescue and a skid unit, which is a water tank with a pump used for back country wildland firefighting.

Temporary Fire Restrictions Once Again

The Gilpin County Commissioners approved a Stage 1 Temporary Fire Restrictions effective March 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are as follows:

​–NO building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire* without a permit EXCEPT in a developed camp or picnic ground. The following actions ARE permitted:  petroleum-fueled stoves, lanterns, or heating devices providing such devices meet the fire underwriters’ specifications for safety.

NO smoking unless in an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable material.

NO operation of welding, acetylene, or other torches with an open flame.

NO operating or using any internal or external combustion engine without a spark arresting device properly installed, maintained, and in effective working order.


–Persons with a permit specifically authorizing the prohibited act or omission.

Resident owners and leasers of land within the restricted area are exempt from above restrictions providing such fires are within the residence.

Any Federal, State or Local Officer or member of an organized firefighting force in the performance of an official duty.

*A stove fire is defined as a campfire built inside an enclosed stove or grill, portable brazier, or a pressurized liquid or gas stove, including a space-heating device.

If you need further information, please call the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office at 303-582-1060 M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or after hours call the Dispatch Office at 303-582-5500.

Historic Cabin Demolition Request

Community Development Director Tony Petersen presented a Historic Review Demolition Request (HR#17-01) to the County Commissioners on behalf of applicants Robert and Jennifer Williams of 104 and 114 Redtail Road. The request is to demolish two historic cabins located on the Redtail property location in order to build a new cabin. The historic cabins were constructed in 1900 and occupy adjacent .2 acre lots. Gilpin County Ordinance (05-02) requires applications that would permit alterations and/or demolition of structures built before 1950, be reviewed by the Historical Preservation Advisory Commission (HAC). HAC found sufficient cause to recommend the Gilpin Board of Commissioners issue a 120 day stay for the purpose of negotiating an alternative to demolition based on the finding that the subject structures are eligible for landmark designation. The Commissioners approved the 120 day stay.

Boundary Line Adjustment

Gilpin Commissioners approved an Amendment to Deed of Conversation Easement for the Boulder River Ranch Holding Company (BRR). On December 6, 2016 Gilpin Commissioners approved an amendment to an existing conservation easement that allowed BRR to construct additional amenities near the existing lodge. Community Development Director Tony Petersen presented the proposed amendment that asked for clarifications to the December 6, 2016 amendment. County Attorney Jim Petrock reviewed the amended document and expressed no concerns.

Treasurer’s Report

Gilpin County Treasurer and Public Trustee Alynn Huffman presented the February 2017 report to the Commissioners. With 27.74% of the property taxes collected the Total Cash Balance slightly exceeded 17 million dollars.

On another note Ms. Huffman submitted a request to convert the Counties Treasurer’s computer system to the Tyler-Eagle Collection system. The current tax collection system through ACS (now a fully owned subsidiary of Xerox) is becoming outdated. The system is a DOS-based system and is now only used by eight Colorado Counties and support is likely to diminish. The proposed Tyler/Eagle System is the same system used by the Assessor’s office. The upgrade will cost $11,000 this year; the remainder of the conversion will cost approximately $137,527 which will be payable in 2018. This includes a one-time capital cost of $17,847, some one-time travel, training, and conversion fees. Gilpin County Commissioners approved the $11,000 to initiate the conversion to the new Tyler/Eagle System.

County Manager’s Report  

County Manager Roger Baker focused the Commissioner’s attention to the Job Openings Report. Mr. Baker stated that most of the openings from January and February have been filled and that the County is in pretty good shape as far as employment. The Sunday attendance report at the Community Center looks promising enough to justify the additional cost to be open in the afternoon. 431 folks visited the Community Center on Sunday afternoons throughout the month of February.

County Attorney’s Report    

County Attorney Jim Petrock brought the Commissioners up to date concerning the proceedings of the inclusion into the Timberline Fire District. Timberline sent out the notice of public hearing recently and in that notice there is a section that addresses properties that wish to be excluded. In that exclusion section petitioners are to send their exclusion requests to the Board of Gilpin County Commissioners and to Timberline Board of Directors. Mr. Petrock wanted to clarify that exclusion requests should go only to Timberline and not to the Gilpin Commissioners. There is some confusion in the notice that needs to be clarified.

Meeting Minutes Approval

Gilpin County Commissioners approved the meeting minutes from February 28, with no corrections.

Coffee with Commissioners

Coffee with the Commissioners will be held March 28, at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Center at 250 Norton Drive. The subject has yet to be determined.

Next Meeting

The next Gilpin County Commissioners meeting will be March 28, at 9:00 a.m. at the Historic Gilpin County Courthouse at 203 Eureka St. Central City, Colorado.

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