Gilpin shines bright at Prom

A night to remember beneath the city lights

By Trystin Swan

Gilpin County juniors and seniors danced the night away at Prom on Friday, April 26th. Prom was held in the Historic Daniels & Fisher Tower, “The Clock Tower” in downtown Denver. Prom overlooked the beautiful downtown skyline and was perfect for sunset pictures and of course to show off all the outfits. As the dance progressed, Prom King and Queen were announced. This year’s 2019 Prom Queen was Anna Yocom and King Will Lorenz. The two shared a dance after they were announced to Tiny Dancer.

But the party and magic did not stop there! After the dance, students and chaperones headed back to the school for “After Prom” to test the feat of staying up until 3 a.m. After Prom entertainment was endless as it included inflatables provided by Martin Adler’s Air Rentals based in Rollinsville, and Magician Edward Hammond from the Colorado School of Mines. Students participated and were hands-on with the magic, yet still couldn’t wrap their minds around the tricks he composed. And the inflatables were there to test one’s level of competition.

After students were worn out from the entertainment, they gathered into the auditorium to win some prizes that consisted of TV’s, coffee makers, mini-fridges, camping gear, and much more. Prize donors for the After Prom were the Alan Green Memorial Foundation, C.R. Smith Drilling, and Christ the King Community Church. The junior class sponsor Su Henry and Booster Club helped put together a prom the senior class won’t forget as it did resemble a City of Lights.

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