Gilpin science teams compete in Science Bowl

Loveland hosts 24 teams at Colorado Reginal Science Bowl

By Esmee Halsted

Gilpin County Middle School Science Team competed at Colorado Regional Science Bowl on February 1st at Mountain View High School in Loveland, CO. Two teams, nine kids, practiced thought the year which paid off at the competition. Team one placed 9th, and team two placed 22nd out of 24 teams.

Team one was a group of eighth-grade girls: Sarah Bellinsky, Jordanna Gagon, Ann Thomason, and Lynda Icenogle.

Team two, was a group of sixth and seventh-graders, Dylan Casarez, Caden Knaus, Joey Lintner, Cameron Knaus, and Ireland Simpson-Wilhelm were all new to Gilpin’s Middle School Team.

The competition consisted of a series of matches between schools. In each match, a competition organizer asked highly advanced questions based on science and math. Each winner of a match advanced up the leaderboard. Schools in places 1st – 8th faced off in the finals for a chance to compete in the National Finals in Washington DC. Team one actually tied for 8th. In order to declare a winner, the event staff looked back at their total points. Unfortunately, the 8th graders lost by one question. Still, they made Gilpin’s academic history by getting so far in the competition.

Team two won their first match and fought valiantly throughout the competition. Ireland, explains their initial victory when she says, “That’s when we were in 7th place.” These newcomers were so proud of their accomplishments. Heather Newman, staff advisor shared their enthusiasm. “I think they surprised themselves,” she said. The best part though was the ice cream at the end. “They got to eat at Chick-fil-A to celebrate,” said Mrs. Newman.

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