Gilpin School’s Winter Fine Arts Festival

A creative festival of sight and sound!

By Esmee Halsted

The winter months are always brought to life with the winter concerts at the school. Festive art lines the halls while Christmas tunes flow and reach every corner. All in preparation for only a few nights year.

This year, the elementary concerts were on December 5th and December 12th. The secondary concert was on December 11th. Incorporating pre-school through 12th grade, this is the time for all children to show off their artsy skills. Just before the concert, students presented their art to their parents. With assistance from Mr. Halsted, the art teacher, the kids were sure to impress. Art projects had kid-friendly winter themes specific for each grade. For example, one assignment was to create a work of art that depicted students riding the bus to go home, after Mrs. Huntoon, Elementary Principle, called a snow day. Another assignment asked student to draw themselves and their favorite animal on a winter day.

During the concert on December 12th, the various sang and danced on stage. Playful Christmas songs were directed by, picked out, and perfected by Mrs. Ebers, the music teacher. Each song had special choreography that was absolutely adorable! Elementary Pre-K Montessori sang a rendition of jingle bells with the Dosie Do as a dance. The whole event was just adorable and kids went home happy and confidant!

On December 11, the high school and middle school band and choir performed. Their songs were certainly more advanced with unique parts for each person, but still on-brand. High school and middle school band played recognizable Christmas songs, but also mixed it up with some narrations, Christmas mashups, and small group ensembles. After viewing the art work once more, students went home counting down the last few days till Christmas.

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