Gilpin school kids enjoy Tommyknocker Holiday event

Busy Thursday with STEM Genius, Musical Beauty, and Christmas Stew

By Esmee Halsted

Thursday, December 5th, was crazy busy for Gilpin Elementary Students. The morning began with the STEM fair, featuring science, technology, engineering, and math projects. Students crowed into the multi-purpose room to present their incredible projects. From there, volunteer judges keenly listened, watched, and later judged the elementary studentsproject. Along with judges, the vent was open to parents and community members. Family and friends all came to view the fair and see the genius that is happening within Gilpin School.

In order to be a genius, kids also need to have fun! The Tommyknocker Annual Holiday celebration in Central City certainly provided more than fun. At 1:30 p.m. the same day, students piled into buses and went to the Teller House. Mrs. Clause and Santa were there to greet them. The main event, however, was the telling of “Christmas Tree Soup” by Phyliss Dooley. Students listened to the professional storyteller, Dianne Wittman, as she told the story of Albert and his attempts to make Christmas Tree soup with the best chef in town. When leaving, the High School and Middle School Choir sang Christmas carols while volunteers passed out goodie bags. Thanks to the generous donation of several local non-profits, the Tommyknocker Holiday celebration ignited the holiday spirt in Gilpin’s elementary students.

Another Gilpin tradition, also taking place on Thursday, was the annual Holiday Music Concert. Students in grades 3rd-5th grade performed with Christmas cheer. Utilizing kid-friendly Christmas songs, Mrs. Ebers, the music teacher, brought out the mischievous energy in the kids. Singing songs about final tests, parents, and other winter-themed problems, the kids got out some angst while being incredibly cute.

To tie up the entire day, the Science Fair winners were announced. First-grade winners were, Canyon Carlson and Jimmy Greer. Second-grade winners were Riley Edwards, Nora Manley, and Addyson Myhre. Third-grade winners were Violet Davidson, Amelia Bushey, and Kaylee Harmsen. Fourth-grade winners were Abigail Manley, Avery Camilletti, and Kairi Huynh. Fifth Grade winners were Isaac Murphy, Jett Hanssen, and Neko Cope. The overall winner was Violet Davidson. Congrats to all!

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