Gilpin School Board takes care of business

At October 1st Meeting

By Esmee Halsted

The most recent board of education meeting, on October 1, 2019, went smoothly. Even with three board members out and five board members missing, the meeting was very productive and insightful. The board commented on the School Board Candidate Forum, Homecoming week, and Steve Boulters participation in BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education Services). They also discussed the upcoming CASB (Colorado Association of School Board) conference.

For the congratulations and celebrations segment of the meeting, board members debriefed on Homecoming week and the School Board Candidate Forum. They concluded that both events went incredibly well. The Board members were proud of the student participation during homecoming week, and the questions asked during the candidate forum; a public introduction and debate between the four candidates for school board. Their only complaint was the lack of people who attended the Board Candidate Forum on Monday evening, October 30th, but they speculated that Gilpin parents and students were happy with school politics.

Additionally, board member Steve Boulter was congratulated for his leadership on the BOCES board: a Colorado program that provides shared school employees: such as speech therapists, etc. As the president of Gilpin’s local BOCES board, he has successfully represented Gilpin interests when it comes to shared staff. However, he announced he is now stepping down. The board recognized him and all the extraordinary work he did.

Next, the board members reviewed resolutions that will be voted on in the CASB (Colorado Association of School Board) conference. They discussed what resolutions were fair. Then they came to the decision of what to vote for. On October 18th and 19th Sarah Swanson, the boards’ voting member, will represent Gilpin County interests. Located in Denver, this conference is also a chance for school board members to expand their knowledge.

The meeting ended with conservation between school board members, parents, and students. Everyone who attended went home with a renewed sense of school pride and involvement.

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