Gilpin Middle School Spring Concert

Featuring the Choir and Band

by Esmee Halsted

Last Thursday, March 5th, Gilpin School held one of their seasonal concerts – the Spring Concert. Featuring the middle school choir and middle/ high school band, the event started at 7 pm in the auditorium. In honor of the arts, the concert showcased everything the students had been working on this quarter.

When Misty Ebers, music teacher, introduced the choir, they sang a series of joy-filled warm-up songs. Cute in nature and very upbeat, they set the mood for the entire performance. Then Mrs. Ebers introduced herself and the choir. She recognized three students who really helped out in the choir. “When I am running upstairs from the elementary, Emma Hardy, Jordan Hobson-Kroll, and Jordan Gagon lead warm-ups. They started the whole show for me. I am so grateful for their help,” explained Mrs.Ebers.

With candy in hand and a round of applause for choir leaders the real show started. The choir sang “Seize the Day” from the Newsies. Emotional at heart and one of the students’ favorite songs, the audience could not help but sing along. Next they sang, “Windy Nights” by Cynthia Gray. Introducing the song, Mrs. Ebers explained, “I chose this song because of all the windy nights up here in Gilpin.” This song was inspirational and certainly representative of Gilpin’s weather. Exploring other mediums, choir kids Brianna Rice-Dietz, Courtney Willimans, and Jiselle Osteboe read a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. From the movie Frozen Two, they sang “Into the Unknown,” Mrs. Ebers’ favorite piece. To wrap up the choir portion of the concert, they finished with “Written in the Stars” by Mac Huff and solos performed by Jordan Hobson-Kroll and Emma Hardy, and another song called “Rhythm of Life.”

After a 10 minute intermission the band started off with warm-ups. They played a mischievous song called “Revenge of the Dust Bunnies” as a continuation of last year’s song “Attack of the Dust Bunnies.” Next on the program was “Rudimentary Marks.” Actually an orchestra song meant for string instruments, Mrs. Ebers challenged the band by transposing orchestral music for band instruments. For the band, that meant a shift in key. Delighted with the new way of transposing Mrs. Ebers explained “If we stay in the key of G and F I think we’re good.” Not only does Mrs. Ebers have to worry about combining string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments, but she also has to find music for beginners and advanced players. “For all the advanced students, I challenged them to play secondary instruments to give them an even playing field with the beginners, so they were challenged as well as the beginners. One thing I really loved about it is the strings went to woodwind instruments and vice versa, so they had an appreciation for how the sounds are made, and how the instruments are played.” Advanced players debuted their new instruments in a song called “Zombie Dance.” To wrap everything up, the band played “Shallow” arranged by Paul Murtha for the movie A Star is Born recorded by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper with a solo from trumpet player Cheyanne Fejarang.

Very different from other concerts, Mrs. Ebers accredits the change to “the amount of work all the students put into their individual parts, choir and band, then bringing it together they had more to offer.” Her number one goal is to strengthen the music department. She has done some amazing work in the last three years as the high school, middle school, and elementary music teacher, and Gilpin Schools cannot wait to see more.

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