Gilpin Library is a community gathering spot

Presenting 14 Programs in September

By Michael Carlson

The Gilpin Library experienced a great September as we transitioned from summer into fall. The number of people visiting the Library has continued to increase as we’ve expanded hours and increased programming. We’ve already topped the door count from 2018 and we still have three months left in the year. Last month alone there were 1,724 patron visits to the Library which was a 24.6% increase over last September. Attendance at our programs was up 84.4% for the month of September. Usage of our website has increased 18.8% this year as more and more people go online to take advantage of our web based services such as the Cultural Passes. Circulation is holding steady, but we are not seeing the big gains as we have in the past. This trend has become typical across the country as libraries have transitioned from book repositories to community gathering spots. The increased use of our meeting room along with our exploding programming numbers is a reflection of these trends.

The Library held 14 programs for the month of September with an attendance of 260 people. For Halloween, the Library will once again be hosting award-winning ventriloquist Meghan Casey from Rocky Mountain Puppets on October 30th at 10 a.m.

The Friends of the Library will be holding their semi-annual Fall Book and Bake Sale on October 11th and 12th during regularly scheduled hours.

On October 19th at 7 p.m. the Library will be featuring local poets at the program “Vibrant Fall.” Featured poet Burt Rashbaum will be there reading from his new book, Of the Carousel. An open mic will be available the second half of the night for other artists to share their work. Patrons can explore more upcoming and regularly scheduled events at

Statistics for September 2019: We circulated 2,569 items during the month. Books accounted for 60% of the circulation along with DVDs 28%, eContent 9%, and CD Books 3%. eBook and eAudio circulation for the month was 225. Our estimated door count for September was 1,724 for the 24 days the Library was open, an average of 72 patrons per day. There were 1,049 patron visits to our website. There were 24 new Library cards issued. The meeting room was used 16 times. There were 11 requests for notary service.

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