Gilpin going green with purchase of four new hybrid SUVs

County to purchase 7.3 acres where law enforcement shooting range is located

By Randy Beaudette

The Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners opened up their regular meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Historic Gilpin County Courthouse. Present were Commissioner Chair Linda Isenhart with Commissioners Ron Engels and Gail Watson. Also present County Manager Abel Montoya, County Attorney Brad Benning, and Deputy Clerk to the Board Sharon Cate.

May is Mental Health Month

The Gilpin county Commissioners approve a proclamation presented by Mountain Services Manager Kara Campbell establishing May as Mental Health Month. Ms. Campbell is from the Jefferson Center for Mental Health. The proclamation is established to call upon all citizens, government agencies public and private institutions, businesses, and schools to recommit our communities and resources to increase awareness and understanding of mental health, providing appropriate and accessible services to all citizens, and making mental health a priority.

School Counselor Proposal

Gilpin County Manager Abel Montoya submitted a proposal to the Commissioners that will complete the funding for a Mental Health School Counselor at the Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH) because DOLA did not fulfill the $64,782 request to fund a School Counselor; instead they only funded $41,782. The proposal is that Gilpin County will provide money for the shortfall at the cost of $1,437 which is half of what is needed to support the Counselor through June 2019. Gilpin County Schools Superintendent MacKenzie is considering a proposal that will provide funding for the remaining half of the support. However, that has to come up to vote by the Gilpin County School Board. By all indications so far, support for that funding seems positive. Commissioner Watson expressed her concern that this funding is for the Gilpin RE-1 students and that the students that attend the Boulder County School District will get left out. She was informed that the funding will go to the Jefferson Center for Mental Health and not Gilpin County Schools RE-1. Mountain Services Manager Kara Campbell added JCMH is searching for a part-time family therapist for the Outpatient office located in the Public Health building. This service will be available to all Gilpin kids regardless of which school district they attend. Gilpin County Board of Commissioners approved the $1,437 request unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Gilpin County Treasurer Mary Lorenz presented the March 2019 Monthly Report to the Commissioners. The Monthly Report shows that the amount of Property Taxes collected slumped slightly during March. Percentage of taxes collected in March reached 26.83% down from the 31.78% from last year with a Grand Total of $16.7 million dollars for 2019, $440,000 over the 2018 Grand Total.

Map Cabinet Purchase Request

Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder Sahari McCormick submitted a request to purchase some larger Survey Map/Plat cabinets that were not included in the 2019 budget. Currently the survey map/plat cabinets are at near capacity causing some difficulty in locating and storing the needed materials. Ms. McCormick is requesting one big cabinet (48”x36”) for maps and one small cabinet (30”x42”) for smaller documents. The total cost of both cabinets from Amazon will be $5,763 with free shipping. Gilpin County Commissioners approved the cabinet request for $5,763 not to exceed $6,000.

Copier Lease Proposal

Gilpin County Sherriff’s Office Administrative Manager Cherokee Blake and Administrative Services Coordinator Vicki Nemec submitted a proposal for a new copier lease with All Copy Products for two copiers needed at the Sheriff’s office. The County is currently in month 50 of the 60 month lease with Xerox and the two copy machines in question have been experiencing some serious, consistent malfunctions which are work disruptive. The current 60 month lease has an average expenditure of $1,057 per month. The new proposal will be for 36 months at a cost of $1,038 per month. All Copy Products will pick up the current machines and store them until the current lease expires at which time the machines will be shipped back to Xerox to fulfill the former lease agreement. Gilpin County Commissioners approved the proposed lease agreement unanimously.

Vehicle Replacement Plan

Gilpin County Public Works Director Gordon Thompson presented a Request to Purchase four SUV’s to the Commissioners. The proposed new vehicles will replace four various vehicles in currently in service throughout the County and were submitted as budget items for the 2019 budget. The new vehicles will be Toyota Rav 4 Hybrids that are All Wheel Drive and are available on the State Contract. The combined cost to the County will be approximately $33,600 with an eight year 100,000 mile warranty on the hybrid system. The location of these vehicles will be at the Apex Facility, Courthouse, CSU Extension office, and the Public Health Building. Gilpin County Commissioners approved the proposed Request to Purchase unanimously.

Water Rights Lease

Gilpin County Attorney Brad Benning presented a Water Rights Lease between lessor Gilpin County and Lessee Gary Gambino for 4 inches of water from the Church Ditch water rights in the Golden area. The lease and its effectiveness are contingent upon the lessee paying Gilpin County $620 plus $35 for the lease processing fee. The term of the agreement will be for the 2019 irrigation season only. Gilpin County commissioners approved the lease agreement unanimously.

Human Services Attorney

Gilpin County Commissioners recessed as the Board of County Commissioners and convened as the Gilpin County Board of Human Services at 9:55 a.m.

Gilpin County Attorney Brad Benning presented the final draft of the agreement for the Agreement for Special Attorney. The Agreement is between Gilpin County Human Services and Jeffrey Timlin, Attorney at Law. Special County Attorney is designated for the purpose of representing Human Services in all proceedings under the Colorado Children’s Code and works under the immediate direction of the Human Services Director. The term of the agreement is from the day of approval to January 2020. Renewal is contingent upon continued funding. The Gilpin County Board of Human Services approved the agreement unanimously. The Gilpin County Board of Human Services reconvened as the Board of County Commissioners at 9:57 a.m.

Property Purchase and Extension Amendment

County Manager Abel Montoya presented a contract to purchase land that is currently the location of the law enforcement shooting range. The contract is between Gilpin County and William A. Fatur, Jr. for the 7.3 acre tract of land with a purchase price of $140,000.

Montoya also presented an Extension Amendment between Gilpin County and William A. Fatur, Jr. to extend a contract for closing to purchase property to June 11, 2019. Gilpin County Commissioners approved both the purchase contract and the Extension Amendment unanimously.

County Manager’s Report

Abel Montoya presented the Gilpin County Parks and Recreation Status Report for March 2019. In the report Mr. Montoya highlighted the High Country Auxiliary Chili dinner fundraiser held on March 3, and the new “Ninja Night Out” event which focused on health and wellness of children held on Friday, March 15.

Notice of Public Meetings

Sheriff Armstrong is hosting a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, April 30, at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center to discuss with the community the new “red flag” law that the governor just signed recently.

Historic Committee Appointments

Gilpin County Commissioners approved the reappointment of Jack Hidahl, and the appointment of Sarah Russell and Travis Wright to the Gilpin County Historical Preservation Advisory (HAC) Commission.

Meeting Minutes

Gilpin County Commissioners approved the meeting minutes from the April 9, 2019 regular meeting with no corrections or amendments.

Executive Session

Gilpin County Commissioners moved to recess into Executive Session per C.R.S. 24-6-402 (4) (a) The purchase, acquisition, lease, transfer, or sale of any real, personal, or other property interest,  C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(b) Conferences with an attorney for the local public body for the purposes of receiving legal advice on specific legal questions, and C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(e) Determining positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations; developing strategy for negotiations; and instructing negotiators.

Next Meeting

The next Gilpin County Commissioners regular meeting will be May 7, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the Gilpin County Courthouse located at 203 Eureka St. Central City, Colorado.

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