Gilpin fine arts students awarded for art, music, and drama achievements

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by Patty Unruh

Gilpin County Middle School and High School students were honored on May 10 for 2015-16 participation in the arts. Secondary Principal Alexis Donaldson noted that this was the first time in 15 years that the fine arts program had had an awards program, giving the Booster Club credit for instituting it once again. She also acknowledged the custodial staff, transportation, parents, and especially students.

“The music and arts performances last week were incredible,” she said. “I was blown away by all the hard work and talent shown.” She also praised the drama production of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” as a joy to watch and an incredible performance.

Not all students were present at the program.

Art Awards

Art teacher Curt Halsted presented certificates for the art students.

Middle school participation: Aharon Bellinsky, Tyler Braning, Kaia Cole, Claire Diekman, Jessi Duncan, Gracie Hensley, Bailey Hobson-Kroll, Dakota Kennedy, Madison Kennedy, Dallas LeBeau, Grace Peeples, Miranda Phovemire, Andrew Seliceo, Joleen Slack, Sarah Trujillo, Hannah Anderson, Victoria Brandon, Tristin Braning, Corbin Cofran, Jasmine Crook-Arends, Jessi Duncan, Taby Gray, Esmee Halsted, Alicia Johnson, Maddy Kessler, Mackenzie Kulp, Kian Lamer, Bobby Martinez, Ashley Parkhurst, and Lena Warren.

Middle School Gilpin County Arts Association Two-Dimensional Student Art Exhibit winners were Alicia Johnson (1st), Hannah Anderson (2nd), and Maddy Kessler (3rd). Three-Dimensional winners were Claire Diekman (1st), Ashley Parkhurst (2nd), and Lena Warren (3rd). PTA Art Show winners were Maddy Kessler (1st), Claire Diekman (2nd), and Jessi Duncan (3rd).

High school participation: Aspen Cowles, Berkley Davis, Alexis Finlayson, Tristan Froio, John Immordino, Matthew Immordino, Looknok Khangkhamano, Caleb Lucero, Lauryn Parkhurst, Andrew Robinson, Trystin Swan, Megan Todd, Katelynn Waterman, Shania Gonzales, Sabrina Lopez Fonseca, Juan Madrigal-Garcia, Abigail Turner, Adam Holsten, Alyssa Martinez, Skylar Murdock, Alex Shumaker, Audrey Stuwe, Blaizun Diamond, Jake Duncan, Chad Holmes, Courtney Holmes, Will Lorenz, Sara Osteboe, Nicholas Raez, Kristi Schmidt, Nathan Smoak, and Sam Snyder.

High School Gilpin County Arts Association Two-Dimensional Student Art Exhibit winners were Sara Osteboe (1st), Katelynn Waterman (2nd), and Skylar Murdock (3rd). Three-Dimensional winners were Shania Gonzales (1st), Looknok Khangkhamano (2nd), and Jake Duncan (3rd). PTA Art Show winners were Chad Holmes (1st), Looknok Khangkhamano (2nd), and Shania Gonzales (3rd).

Halsted acknowledged adult volunteers who assisted in putting together the art display for the fine arts festival: Angela Webb, Erin Trumble, Tammy and Tom Gangon, Julie Hansen, Katelyne Davidson, and Mary Sonsino.

Band Awards

Music director Chris Waterbury presented certificates for middle school music.

The following students received special awards for outstanding musicianship and attitude: Aidan Freeman (Middle School Choir); Malachy Saeedi (Middle School Band); Zsatira Diamond (High School Band); and Andrew Robinson (High School Choir).

Middle school choir students were Nicole Adams, Madison Altman, Hannah Anderson, Olivia Ball, Victoria Brandon, Tristin Braning, Kaia Cole, Jessi Duncan, Aidan Freeman, Delaney Grant, Taby Gray, Emma Hanssen, Kristen Hardman, Bailey Hobson-Kroll, Alicia Johnson, Madison Kennedy, Katelyne O’Sullivan, Andrew Seliceo, Isabel Szucs, Sarah Trujillo, and Cassidy Wood.

Middle school band students were Nicole Adams, Madison Altman, Hannah Anderson, Seth Antill, Gabriel Bergeson, Mayce Besiallon, Benjamin Booth, Blake Boulter, Jasmine Crook-Arends, John Paul DiMauro, Nathaniel Frye, Esmee Halsted, Nathan Harper, Drake Hylton, James Immordino, Hunter Jackson, Stephen King, Nolan Lindberg, Mateo Maldonado, Deven Moore, Katelyne O’Sullivan, Kennedy Perez, Lance Prewitt, Malachy Saeedi, Lukas Salzmann, Damian Sonsino, Ashton Turkaly, Cassidy Wood, Shane Wu, and Halle Yocom.

High school band students were Khristine Barr, Chase Besiallon, Zsatira Diamond, Jake Duncan, Keldon Hutcheson, Cooper Lindberg, Juan Madrigal-Garcia, and Anna Yocom.

High school choir students were Hailey Hunt, Cheyenne Jackson, Looknok Khangkhamano, Lindsey James, Andrew Robinson, Lilia Silverman, and Trystin Swan.

Drama Awards

Hannah Raynes directed the spring production of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” She and husband Ryan Raynes presented pins for cast and tech crew.

First-year participants: Alyssa Webb, Cassidy Wood, Esmee Halsted, Lance Pruitt, Shii Maldonado, Darren Newberg, Ashton Turkaly, Kendra Wenholz, Destaney Garcia, Caleb Murphy, Anna Yocom, Christine Morrison, Alexis Lautrup, Looknok Khangkhamano, Archer O’Brien, and Halle Yocom.

Continuing participants were Kristen Hardman, Regan Murdock, Bailey Hobson-Kroll, Taby Gray, Isabel Szucs, Sarah Trujillo, Aidan Freeman, Alicia Parkhurst, Victoria Brandon, Alicia Johnson, Claire Diekman, Logan Prewitt, Jake Duncan, Cheyenne Cowles, and Cooper Lindberg.

Second-year high school theater students earning varsity letters were Carly Johnson, Aspen Nadeau, Skylar Murdock, Trystin Swan, Sarah Osteboe, and Daniel Madrigal-Garcia.

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