Gilpin Eagles wrap up tough basketball season

With Senior Night and two final games

By Gary King

The Gilpin Eagles boys’ varsity basketball team played their final two games of the season last week finishing with a loss in overtime in one game, and a decisive win in the other. The home game against the Lyons Lions opened with Senior Night and ended with hard fought overtime play action. Only pre-selected spectators were allowed to attend the home game. The team’s final game was played in Longmont, Colorado versus the Twin Peaks Charter Academy (TPCA) Timberwolves and concluded the Eagle’s season with a solid win. Spectators were not allowed to attend the TPCA game due to that school’s COVID restrictions.

Tuesday’s Home Game Venue Opened with a Tribute to Gilpin’s Senior Athletes and Their Families

Tuesday night’s game opened with Senior Night recognition of Gilpin’s senior athletes and their families. Each player presented flowers to their respective mothers and accompanied their family members to the center of the basketball court where each was recognized in turn as follows:

Ray Vaughn Amaya Beard accompanied his mother Catrina Amaya and his grandmother Cherokee Blake to center floor. Ray Vaughn participated in two years of basketball, four years of football, and two years of baseball. He will be attending Northeast Texas Community College next year.

Damion Sonsino accompanied his mother Mary Sonsino and his father Carey Sonsino. Damian participated in two years of basketball and three years of baseball. He will be studying biochemistry next year and is deciding between Vanderbilt and some other universities.

Julian Cortez accompanied his mother Robin Cortez and his father Len Cortez to the floor. Julian participated in four years of basketball. He will be attending Red Rocks Community College next year to study business.

Nolan Lindberg accompanied his mother Carrie Lindberg and his father Matt Lindberg onto the court. Nolan participated in four years of basketball, football, and track. Nolan is planning on attending the University of Colorado next year to study medicine.

Stephen King accompanied his mother Addy King and his father Gary King to center court. Stephen participated in four years of basketball, football, and track. Stephen will be attending the Colorado School of Mines next year for engineering.

Blake Boulter accompanied his mother Lisa Boulter and his father Steve Boulter onto the court. Blake participated in four years of basketball, football, and track. Blake will be attending the Colorado School of Mines next year for engineering.

Upbeat End to Eagle’s Basketball Season

The Gilpin Eagles boys’ Varsity head coach, Paul Hanson, summed up the season this way: “I’m really happy that we were able to have a basketball season this year. With all the volatility associated with the pandemic, we weren’t even sure that we were going to have a season. It was nice to finish the season with a decisive league win on the road, but our guys played hard every game and won some quality battles this year. Our game schedule was very tough this year; we competed against six different teams that ended up qualifying for the state tournament either at the 3A, 2A or 1A level. The Varsity team finished with five wins, and the JV team got four wins. There were a bunch of games that when you looked at the scoreboard at the end of the 3rd quarter, it was really anyone’s game to win. Our guys were able to finish well and get wins in three of those close battles, which showed their resiliency and grit under pressure. In a few of the other ones, it just came down to a couple of plays here or there, and that is the nature of competitive basketball. Being down 10 with 2 minutes left in the ball game vs Lyons and coming back to force OT was a great example of their determination, heart, and courage. I’m proud of those guys for competing well in the toughest 2A league in the state. As far as individual recognition goes, congratulations to Blake Boulter for earning 1st team All-League and Stephen King for earning 2nd team All-League!”

Eagles Lose to the Lyons Lions in Rousing Overtime Play

The Eagles came out strong in the 1st quarter outscoring the Lions 12 to 7 points. In the 2nd quarter with just a minute left in the half the Eagles were 4 points ahead on a score of 25 to 21. With 52.9 seconds left in the half the Lions added 1 point on a free throw then quickly followed up with a 2-point field goal, 2 more free throws and a 3-pointer to end the half with 4-point lead on a score of 29 to 25 Lions. In the 3rd quarter the Eagles logged only 15 points to the Lions 21 points leaving the Eagles with a 10-point deficit on a score of 40 to 50.

About half way through the 4th quarter starter Stephen King (4) fouled out of the game. With only 1 minute left on the game clock, the Eagles had fought back to within 3 points of the Lions with the scoreboard displaying 58 to 61 Lions. In a frenzy of play during the final minute the Lions made 2 free throws while the Eagles Blake Boulter (25) completed 2-point and 3-point field goals to tie the game at 63 to 63 prompting a 4-minute overtime. With 32.7 seconds left on the overtime clock the Eagles trailed the Lions by only 1 point on a score of 68 to 69. As the time reached 17.8 seconds, the Lions were holding the ball in an attempt to run the clock out, prompting the Eagles to foul for a chance at recovering possession of the ball. The Lions took advantage by sinking 2 free throws on a 1 and 1. In the last seconds of the game Eagles missed a 3-point attempt at a tie ending the game on a score of 68 to 71 in favor of the Lions.

Blake Boulter (25) led the Eagles in scoring with 24 points, followed by Stephen King (4) with 16 points. Nolan Lindberg (24) headed the team with 9 rebounds, followed by Boulter (25) with 8 rebounds. Lindberg (24) also had 6 assists trailed by King (4) with 4 assists. Trey Lindberg (3) counted 6 steals, followed by Nolan Lindberg (24) with 3 steals.

Eagles Dominate the Twin Peaks Charter Academy Timberwolves in Final Game of the Season

A resolute Eagles team came out tough in the 1st quarter outscoring the Timberwolves by 16 points ending the quarter with a score of 23 to 7 Eagles. Maintaining pressure on the Timberwolves in the 2nd quarter, the Eagles chalked up another 21 points to the Timberwolves 6 points making the tally 44 to 13 in favor of the Eagles to end the half. The 3rd quarter ended with the Timberwolves trailing by 38 points based on a score of 58 to 20 Eagles. During the final period of the game, the Eagles increased their lead by another 2 points ending the game with a 40 point spread on a score of Eagles 68 to the Timberwolves 20.

Blake Boulter (25) led the Eagles in scoring with 32 points, followed by Trey Lindberg (3) with 14 points. Nolan Lindberg (24) got 13 rebounds, trailed by Boulter (25) with 12 rebounds. Nolan Lindberg (24) led in assists with 10, while Stephen King (4) and Boulter (25) had 4 assists each. Boulter (25) had 6 steals, followed by Lindberg (3) and Lindberg (24) each with 2 steals.

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