Gilpin Eagles vs Clear Creek Golddiggers

Non-League basketball against the Nederland Panthers

By Gary King

The girl and boy’s games were played Tuesday, February 18 on the Eagle’s home court at 5:30 pm and 7 pm respectively.

Gilpin Eagles boys’ varsity withstands loss to Clear Creek High School Golddiggers

The Golddiggers opened scoring in the 1st quarter with 2-point and 3-point field goals. The Eagles responded with 2 2-point field goals by Stephen King (4) and a free throw from Nolan Lindberg (24) to tie the score at 5-5 with less than 2 minutes left in the quarter. The Golddiggers finished the quarter with a repeat of their 2-point and 3-point field goals while the Eagles only posted 1 Lindberg (24) free throw making the score 6-10 in favor of the Golddiggers.

Blake Boulter (25) completed the first score in the 2nd quarter with a 3-point field goal putting the Eagles just 1 point behind at 9-10. The Golddiggers came back with a 2-point field goal closely followed by a King (4) 3-pointer for the Eagles tying the score at 12-12. Through the rest of the quarter the Eagle’s King (4) completed a 2-pointer and Trey Lindberg (3) made a 3-point field goal while the Golddiggers added 4 2-point field goals. At half time the scoreboard exhibited Eagles 17 to the Golddiggers 20.

A Golddigger 3-pointer initiated scoring in the 2nd half of the game. The next score came midway through the 3rd quarter with a Lindberg 3-pointer followed by a Golddiggers free throw and a 3-point field goal putting the Eagles behind by 7 points at 20-27. With 2 minutes left in the period, the Eagle’s Lindberg (24) made a free throw followed shortly by a King (4) 2-pointer while the Golddiggers added 2 2-point field goals ending the quarter at 23-31 Golddiggers.

The Eagles outscored the Golddiggers by one point in the final quarter, insufficient to make up the 8-point deficit coming into the quarter. The Eagles made the first 2 scores in the period with a Boulter (25) 2-point field goal and a Lindberg (24) free throw. Through the last 6 minutes of the game the Golddiggers completed 3 2-pointers and a free throw while the Eagles added 2 free throws and a 3-point field goal by Lindberg (3). The game ended with an Eagle’s 7-point deficit on a score of 31-38.

Stephen King (4) led the Eagle’s scoring with 11 points followed by Trey Lindberg (3) with 8 points. Nolan Lindberg (24) headed the team in rebounding with 11 rebounds followed by Triston DiPasquale (15) with 7. Blake Boulter (25) led the team with 3 blocks.

Gilpin’s Lady Eagles varsity secures a win over the Clear Creek Golddiggers

The Golddiggers scored only a 2-point field goal during the 1st quarter while the Eagles dominated with 15 points. Contributors to the Eagles tally were Samantha Smith (2) with 1 3-point field goal and 3 3-pointers, and one 2-point field goal each by Skyley Ramsey (12), Jessica Wilhelm (30) and Camryn Ganz (22).

The Eagles held the Golddiggers scoreless in the 2nd quarter while adding another 11 points to their own total. Two players contributed to the Eagle’s 2nd period count; Lena Warren (11) with a 3-point field goal plus 2 2-pointers, and Ramsey (12) by a pair of 2-point field goals. The first half of the game ended with a score of 26-2 Eagles.

In the 3rd quarter the Eagles, again, scored 11 points while the Golddiggers recorded only 6 points with 2 3-point field goals. The Eagle’s points were provided by Ganz (22) with a 3-pointer and a free throw, Ramsey (12) with a 2-point field goal and a free throw, and Abigail Smith with 3 free throws. The 3rd quarter closed with the Eagles up by 29 points at 37-8.

In the final period the Golddiggers added 7 points to their tally with 2 3-point field goals and a free throw. The Eagles enhanced their count by 6 points with 1 2-point field goal each provided by Ganz (22), Smith (1), and Noemi Correa (3). The game ended on a score of 43-15 Eagles.

Point leaders in the game were Skyley Ramsey (12) with 12 points, followed by Camryn Ganz (22) with 8 points and Lena Warren with 7 points. Abigail Smith (1) led with 5 rebounds followed by Wilhelm (30), Ganz (22) and Ramsey (12) with 4 each. Ganz (22) and Smith (2) each had 4 steals followed by Ramsey (12) with 3.

The Eagles played basketball games against the Nederland Panthers in a girl’s league game and a boy’s non-league game

The Eagles boy’s junior varsity basketball team played Nederland’s JV last Thursday, February 20th at 5:00 PM in a non-league game on Gilpin’s home court. The Lady Eagles played a league game against Nederland at home on the same night at 6:30 pm.

Lady Eagles record a win against the Nederland Panthers in the Eagles last regular season game

The Panthers were held scoreless during the 1st quarter of the game. The Eagles scored 14 points during the period with contributions from Nicole Adams (33) with a 2-point field goal and a free throw, Alicia Johnson (20) with 3-point and 2-point field goals, and Joyce Jewell (21) and Lena Warren (11) with 1 2-pointer each. The quarter ended with a score of 14-0 Eagles.

The Eagles who showed 11 points to the Panthers 5 ruled the 2nd quarter. Adams (33) added 1 2-point field goal while Samantha Smith (2), Noemi Correa (3), and Abigail Smith (1) provided 1 3-point field goal each. At half time the Eagles led by 20 points on a score of 25-5.

In the 3rd quarter the Eagles outscored the Panthers by only 1 point. The Panthers scored a 2-pointer half way through the quarter and another 2 as the last score of the quarter. The Eagles Sarah Trujillo (5) and Smith (2) each completed 1 2-point field goal while Adams (33) added 1 point with a free throw for a total of 5 points through the period. The period ended at a score of 30-9 Eagles.

Johnson (20) produced a 2-point field goal and Adams (33) added a free throw to score the Eagle’s only 3 points in the 4th quarter. However, the Panthers scored only 4 points themselves with 2 2-point field goals.

Alicia Johnson (20) led the Eagles in scoring with 11 points followed by Nicloe Adams (33) with 6 points. Noemi Correa (3) led the team with 6 rebounds followed by Joyce Jewell (21) and Alicia Johnson (20) each with 4 rebounds. The Eagle’s achieved 2 blocks, during the game, made by Joyce Jewell (21) and Noemi Correa (3).

The Lady Eagles next game will be in the playoffs on Gilpin’s home court on February 25th at 6:00 PM against the Highland High School Huskies.

The Eagle’s boy’s junior varsity defeats Nederland’s boy’s JV

Nederland does not currently have a boys’ varsity team, however, the Panthers did have a junior varsity team to compete with Gilpin’s JV team last Thursday night. Although the Gilpin vs Nederland boy’s JV game did not count as a league game, it did provide an opportunity for a number of the Eagle’s less experienced players to acquire valuable court time.

The Eagle’s controlled the 1st quarter of the game with 20 points scored to the Panther’s 7. The Eagles tally was developed by Blake Boulter (25) with 4 2-point field goals and a 3-pointer, Trey Lindberg (3) with 2 2-point field goals, Stephen King (4) with a 3-pointer, and Nolan Lindberg (24) with a 2-pointer. The period ended with the Eagles ahead by 13 points.

In the 2nd quarter the Eagle’s increased their lead to 16 points. The Panthers added 8 points to their total with 2 3-point field goals and a 3-pointer. The Eagles registered 11 points with 2 2-point field goals from Boulter (25), 1 2-pointer each by Lindberg (24) and King (4), and a 3-point field goal by Lindberg (3). The half time scoreboard presented a score of 31-15 Eagles.

In the first half of the 3rd period the Eagles established an unanswered scoring run of 10 points with 1 2-point field goal each by Jimmy Immordino (13) and Lindberg (24), and 1 3-point field goal each by Alex Rodriguez (45) and King (4). In the 2nd half of the period the Panthers put together their own unanswered scoring run of 7 points via 3 2-point field goals and a free throw. The quarter ended at 41-22 Eagles.

The Panthers offense came back tough in the 4th quarter scoring 21 points to the Eagles 4. In the first 6½ minutes of the final period the Panthers scored 14 points only interrupted by one Eagle’s free throw by Brogan Thomas (20). During the last minute-and-a-half of the quarter the Eagles added just 3 more points from free throws, 1 by King (4) and 2 by Boulter (25) while the Panthers added 7 more points. The game ended with the Eagles winning by just 2 points on a score of 45-43.

Head Coach Paul Hanson had the following comments about the game: “Gilpin took a commanding lead with their one Freshman, and four Juniors starters versus Nederland’s upperclassmen starters, including two seniors. Score was 41-15 in 3rd quarter. Gilpin substituted their whole bench to demonstrate sportsmanship instead of running the score up. Everyone on Gilpin’s bench played a lot. Nederland made a run versus Gilpin’s 2nd and 3rd string players, but Gilpin held on to win 45-43. It was a well-played game with good sportsmanship.”

Leading scorers for the Eagles were Blake Boulter (25) with 19 points followed by Stephen King (4) with 7 points. Leading the team in rebounds was Boulter (25) with 7 followed by Brogan Thomas (20) with 5 rebounds. Boulter (25) also had 5 steals followed by King (4) with 4 steals.

The Eagles boys’ varsity will play their next game in the playoffs against the Dawson School Mustangs on the Mustang’s home court located at 10455 Dawson Drive, Lafayette, CO on Tuesday, February 25th at 6:00 pm.

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