Gilpin Eagles versus West Grand Mustangs

Record goes to 2 and 2 overall

By Gary King

The Eagles Saturday afternoon game with the West Grand Mustangs leaves the Eagles with 2 wins and 1 loss in League play and 2 wins and 2 losses overall. The Eagle’s Head Coach Craig Ball commented on the game as follows: “West Grand is well-coached and has a good group of experienced players. We needed to play error-free to have a good chance to compete and we came up short on that goal. We had three turnovers in the first half and had trouble keeping the Mustangs out of the end zone. We put together a better effort in the second half and had over 200 yards rushing and completed a few more passes. We had three drives that resulted in TDs and our defense started to play better at stopping the West Grand counter plays. We will be traveling to Hayden for our Friday night game.”

First Quarter

The opening kickoff saw the Mustangs kick received by the Eagles Stephen King (2) who ran the ball 13 yards to their 22-yard line. On their 4th down, without advancing past the 22-yard line, the Eagles were forced to turn over possession with a punt. The Mustangs punt return was stopped after only 2 yards on the Eagles 40-yard line. The Mustangs scored the 1st touchdown of the game on a 5-play drive to the Eagles end zone followed by an attempted 2-point conversion that fell just short. The score was set at 6 to 0 Mustangs. The following Mustang kickoff bounced into the end zone for a touchback with the Eagles taking possession on their 20-yard line. Again, the Eagles were only able to keep the ball for four plays before being forced to punt after advancing only 3 yards overall. The Eagles downed their own punt by touch turning the ball over to the Mustangs on the Eagle’s 49-yard line. The Mustangs put together a 5-play drive to score another touchdown followed by another failed 2-point conversion attempt making the score 12 to 0 Mustangs. The following Mustang kickoff resulted in a touchback and the Eagles taking over the ball on their 20-yard line. The Eagles turned the ball back over on their second down with a QB fumble recovered by the Mustangs on the 24-yard line. The Mustangs took six plays to cover the 24 yards to the Eagles end zone and another touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion setting the score at 0-20 Mustangs. The Eagles caught the following kickoff on their 1-yard line, returned the ball 32 yards where they fumbled the ball for a turnover back to the Mustangs on the 33-yard line. The Mustangs proceeded to turn the ball back over to the Eagles on downs having gained only 2 yards in four plays. The Eagles finished the quarter at 4th and 1 on their own 40-yard line.

Second Quarter

The 2nd quarter was less eventful as the Eagles, although not scoring, held the Mustangs to only one 6-point touchdown. The Eagles started the period by completing a 5-yard run on a 4th and 1 and continuing their 3-down drive, from the 1st period, for another seven plays ending with a turnover on downs on the Eagle’s own 40-yard line. The Mustangs responded with a 9-play drive for another touchdown and a failed 2-point conversion attempt making the score 0-26 Mustangs. The Mustangs followed with a flat kickoff picked up by Kamron Brewer (8) and returned 3 yards to the Eagles 34-yard line. The Eagles advanced the ball 46 yards to the Mustangs 20-yard line in 12 plays and, on a 1st and 10 play, threw an interception for another turnover to the Mustangs. After seven plays and a gain of 59 yards, the half ended on a Mustangs 2nd and 8 at the Eagle’s 33-yard line.

Third Quarter

The 2nd half began with an Eagles kickoff that was returned 26 yards by the Mustangs to their own 36-yard line. On the 4th play of their possession the Eagles forced a fumble on a Mustang 1st and 10. The Eagles recovered the ball on the Mustang’s 49-yard line. The Eagles also took only four plays to turn the ball back over to the Mustangs on downs on the Mustang’s 40-yard line. The Mustang’s exploited the turnover with a 9-play, solid 60-yard drive for a touchdown followed by completed pass for a 2-point conversion making the score 0 to 32 Mustangs. Another flat kickoff by the Mustangs was picked up by Brewer (8) on the Eagles 28-yard line and returned 17 yards to the 45-yard line. After the Mustang’s kickoff and the first down of their possession, the Eagle’s King (2) carried the ball for 55 yards on a QB keeper for the Eagle’s first touchdown of the game. Boulter (19) followed up with a 2-point conversion run up the middle, setting the score at Mustangs 34 to Eagles 8 with 5:43 left on the 3rd quarter clock. The Mustangs downed an Eagles on-sides kick on the Mustang’s 31-yard line followed by 7 plays ending in a forced turnover on downs on the Eagles 33-yard line. On the Eagles following 2nd play the Eagles turned the ball back over to the Mustangs on a fumble caused by a bad snap. The Mustangs recovered the fumble on the Eagles 30-yard line and took four plays to score a touchdown followed by a failed 2-point conversion on an intercepted pass. With the score at 40-8 Mustangs, and with 23 seconds left on the clock, the Eagles returned the kickoff to their own 49-yard line. After a first down loss of 4 yards on a QB sack, and on the 2nd down of the possession, King (2) again broke through the Mustang’s defense for another 55-yard carry all of the way to the Mustang end zone for a touchdown as the 3rd quarter clock expired. After coming up short on an attempted 2-point conversion the period ended with a tally of 40-14 Mustangs.

Fourth Quarter

The final period of the game commenced with an Eagles kickoff that was returned by the Mustangs to the Eagles 49-yard line to begin a 6-play drive for a Mustang touchdown. After an incomplete pass on a 2-point conversion attempt and with 9:42 left on the game clock, the scoreboard revealed 46 to 14 Mustangs. After receiving the subsequent kickoff the Eagles returned the ball 27 yards to the Eagles 28-yard line. After six plays the Eagles were forced to turn the ball over to the Mustangs on downs on their own 23-yard line. The Mustangs responded with a 3-play drive culminating in a touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion run with 7:40 left on the clock. With the score at 14 to 52 Mustangs, and a running clock, the Eagles returned the Mustang’s kickoff from their 15-yard line to their 30-yard line to begin a 9-play, 70-yard drive for the final touchdown of the game. The drive included a 38-yard pass from King (2) at QB to Boulter (19) to set up a 4-yard touchdown run by Brewer (8). With a 2-point conversion by Boulter (19) on a QB keeper up the center, the running clock elapsed ending the game on a score of Mustangs 54 to the Eagles 22.

Some game statistics of interest include 182 rushing yards for King (2) followed by 33 yards for Boulter (19); 274 all-purpose yards, including kick returns and pass receptions for King (2) followed by 66 yards for Boulter (19); 12 total points by King (2) followed by 6 points for Brewer (8) and 4 points for Boulter (19). The Eagle’s next game is scheduled for this Friday, November 6th at 7:00 pm against the Hayden High School Tigers and is to be played on the Tigers home field in Hayden, Colorado. Hayden comes to the game with no wins and three losses in League play.

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