Gilpin Eagles track squad races past previous school records

Jack Ball now 10th in state 2A standings in 800-meter run

by Patty Unruh

Gilpin High School’s track and field athletes continue to race past Gilpin’s previously-set records and reach personal bests at this season’s meets. They put in good showings at the Frontier League-Clear Creek meet in Evergreen on April 18 and at the non-conference Kiowa Classic at Elbert on April 22.

Clear Creek Meet

Reporting on the boys’ highlights, Coach Craig Ball said that the boys’ 4×400-meter team of Braedyn Perez, Austin Boulter, Josh Trujillo, and Jack Ball shattered the school record by 8 seconds with a run of 3:54.37 and placed second in the meet. Jack Ball had another personal record in the 800-meter and placed first while running a 2:06.81. Josh Trujillo ran in the boys’ 400-meter at Clear Creek, improving his previous best time by two seconds. Mike Wenholz broke 14 seconds in the 100-meter and bettered his time in the 200-meter by one-half second. Braedyn Perez ran a 25.76 in the 200-meter and placed ninth in the meet.

The girls also fared well. “Keely Schmidt ran a great race in the 300-meter hurdles and placed second overall,” Coach Ball related.

“Lena Warren made a move to the 400-meter and 800-meter, and I think that for her first time running these events, she showed real competitiveness.” Lena placed third in the 800-meter and sixth in the 400-meter.

Ashley Parkhurst ran the 100-meter and 200-meter and gained a personal record in both races.

Kiowa Invitational

The Kiowa meet was run in some snow and rain, but Gilpin was able to place at the meet. The girls came in ninth of 20, and the boys were tenth of 21.

“Jack Ball placed first in the 800-meter and is now ranked tenth in the state 2A standings with his 2:08.68 in the 800-meter run,” the coach noted.

“Ashley Parkhurst has been improving and working hard each week, and that work really paid off at this meet. She ran the sixth fastest time out of 25 girls in the 200-meter dash and scored three points for the team,” Coach Ball stated.

Keely Schmidt placed second in the 300-meter and ran her best time of her four-year track career at 53.38. Lena Warren racked up the team points for the Eagles by placing fifth in both the 400-meter and 800-meter.

Neighboring Nederland made a good showing also, with the girls placing fourth in the meet overall. Helen Cross placed first in the 800-meter (2:41.07) and 1600-meter (5:56.32); Sarah Davidson placed first in the 3200-meter (12:50.26). The Nederland Relay Team came in first in the 4×800-meter race (11:12.82).

Clear Creek meet results:


100-meter dash: 14th-Braedyn Perez, 12.74; 19th-Mike Wenholz, 13.90.

200-meter dash: 9th-Braedyn Perez, 25.76; 15th-Mike Wenholz, 30.09.

400-meter dash: 9th-Josh Trujillo, 1:02.85.

800-meter run: 1st-Jack Ball, 2:06.81.

4×100-meter relay: 8th-Gilpin Relay Team, 53.08.

4×400-meter relay: 2nd-Gilpin Relay Team, 3:54.37.

Shot Put: 8th-Austin Boulter, 33’6.00”; 16th-Jake Duncan, 27’1.50”; 17th-Tristan Froio, 23’11.00”.

Discus: 12th-Austin Boulter, 77’6.00”; 18th-Jake Duncan, 70’3.00”; 19th-Tristan Froio, 69’5.00”.


400-meter dash: 6th-Lena Warren, 1:11.15.

800-meter run: 3rd-Lena Warren, 2:56.98.

300-meter hurdles: 2nd-Keely Schmidt, 54.63.

High Jump: 6th-Keely Schmidt, 4’2.00”; 10th-Lena Warren, 3’10.00”

Kiowa meet results:


100-meter dash: 28th-Mike Wenholz, 13.91.

200-meter dash: 22nd-Mike Wenholz, 29.89.

800-meter run: 1st-Jack Ball, 2:08.68; 7th-Josh Trujillo, 2:29.50.

4×400-meter relay: 2nd-Gilpin Relay Team, 4:11.37.

Shot Put: 7th-Austin Boulter, 32’3.25”; 9th-Josh Trujillo, 32’1.50”; 34th-Mike Wenholz, 21’4.00”.

Discus: 5th-Austin Boulter, 94’4.00”; 22nd-Josh Trujillo, 73’3.00” 32nd-Mike Wenholz, 53’11.00”.


200-meter dash: 6th-Ashley Parkhurst, 30.19.

400-meter dash: 5th-Lena Warren, 1:12.54; 8th-Ashley Parkhurst, 1:16.64.

800-meter dash: 5th-Lena Warren, 3:00.22.

300-meter hurdles: 2nd-Keely Schmidt, 53.38.

High Jump: 6th-Keely Schmidt, 4’2.00.”

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