Gilpin Eagles high-flying court action

1 Win and 2 Losses in League Play

By Gary King

The Gilpin Eagles boys’ varsity basketball team played three 3A/2A/1A Mile High League games in the past week resulting in two losses and one win. With four more League games scheduled by March the 5th the team currently stands at two wins and five losses in the League and 4-6 wins to losses overall. Due to school implemented Covid-19 safety restrictions, spectators were allowed in limited numbers during the first 2 games while no Gilpin spectators were allowed to attend Saturday’s game.

Gilpin Eagles Defeated in a League Basketball Contest versus the Clear Creek High School Golddiggers

The Gilpin Eagles boys’ varsity played the Clear Creek High School Golddiggers, the 4th ranked team in the League; on Friday, February the 16th at 5:30 pm on the Eagles home court. Only one pre-registered spectator per player was allowed to attend the game due to covid-19 restrictions.

In the 1st quarter the Golddiggers outscored the Eagles by only 2 points finishing the quarter on a score of 13 to 11. The Golddiggers scored 23 more points to the Eagles 11 points ending the 1st half with a score of 22 to 36 Golddiggers. The Eagles had a meager 3rd quarter with the Golddiggers outscoring the Eagles by 14 points bringing the period score to 34 to 62 Golddiggers. Eagles starter Blake Boulter (25) fouled out about 1-½ minutes into the 4th quarter. The Eagles scored only 4 points in the final quarter while the Golddiggers scored 12 points setting the final game score at 74 to 38 favoring the Golddiggers.

The Eagle’s Trey Lindberg (3) led the team in scoring with 17 points including 5 3-pointers. Blake Boulter (25) led with 10 rebounds. Nolan Lindberg (24) headed the team with 6 assists while King (4) and Lindberg (3) had 2 steals each.

The Eagles Endure Loss to Number 1 Ranked Denver Christian Thunder

The Gilpin Eagles boys’ varsity played the League’s #1 ranked team the Denver Christian Thunder last Thursday, February the 18th at 6:30 pm. The contest took place on the Thunder’s home court in Lakewood, Colorado with only pre-registered spectators allowed to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Eagles had a weak showing during the 1st quarter handing the Thunder a 13-point lead ending the period on a score of 3 to 16. The Eagles performed slightly better in the 2nd quarter scoring only 5 points less than the Thunder to end the half with an 18 point deficit exhibiting a score of 15 to 33 Thunder. The Eagles came back with determination in the 2nd half to outscore the Thunder in both quarters. In the 3rd quarter the Eagles scored 16 points to the Thunder’s 12 points resetting the score to 31 to 45 Thunder. In the 4th quarter with 3:00 left on the game clock the Eagles were within 6 points of the Thunder with the score at 43 to 49. With about 1 minute left on the clock the Eagles were again within 6 points of the Thunder with the score at 49 to 55. In the last 30 seconds of the game the Thunder added a free throw to end the game on a score of 49 to 56 favoring the Thunder.

Blake Boulter (25) led the team in scoring with 18 points followed by Trey Lindberg (3) with 13 points. Nolan Lindberg (24) led with 11 rebounds followed by Boulter (25) with 10 rebounds. Stephen King (4) and Lindberg (24) had 5 assists each while Julian Cortez (23), King (4) and Boulter (25) each had 2 steals.

The Gilpin Eagles Chalk-up a Conference Game Win Over the Dawson School Mustangs

The Gilpin Eagles boys’ varsity played a conference game against the Dawson School Mustangs on Saturday, February the 20th at 6:00 pm. The game took place on the Mustang’s home court in Lafayette, Colorado. Due to the Dawson Schools Covid-19 safety protocols Dawson School spectators were allowed but Gilpin spectators were not allowed to be present.

The Eagles controlled the 1st quarter scoring 12 points to the Mustang’s 3 points. In the 2nd quarter the Eagles and the Mustangs each scored 14 points ending the half at 26-17 Eagles. Ending the 3rd quarter the Eagles and the Mustangs again scored evenly with 11 points each modifying the score to 37 to 28 Eagles. Although the Mustangs outscored the Eagles by 4 points in the final quarter, it was not enough overcome their 9-point deficit going into the quarter. The final score was 52 to 47 in favor of the Eagles.

Stephen King (4) led the Eagles in scoring with 16 points followed by Nolan Lindberg (24) with 14 points. Blake Boulter (25) led with 11 rebounds trailed by Nolan Lindberg (24) with 9 rebounds. King (4) had 4 assists followed by Boulter (25) and Lindberg (24) each with 2 assists. Lindberg (24) had 7 steals followed by King (4) with 4 steals.

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