Gilpin Eagles basketball in two league games

Against Longmont Christian Warriors and Union Colony Timberwolves

By Gary King

Last Tuesday evening, January the 21st the Gilpin County High School Eagles boy and girl’s varsities played the Longmont Christian Warriors in an away game held in Longmont, Colorado. The boys came into the week with a League record of 0-3 while the girls came with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss.

Eagles Boys endure loss to Longmont Christian Warriors

The Eagles boys’ varsity battled staying within 3 points in the first half of the game against the Longmont Christian Warriors.  Despite losing 2 key starters in the 3rd quarter the team fought in the final quarter to hold the Warriors to 7 points, their lowest scoring period of the game.

In the 1st quarter the Warriors held the Eagles to only 5 points all added by Nolan Lindberg (24) with a 2-point field goal and 3 free throws. The Warriors, on the other hand, chalked up 17 points during the quarter leaving the Eagles with a 12-point deficit on a score of 5-17.

The Eagles fought hard in the 2nd quarter to make up the 1st quarter deficit but were only able to outscore the Warriors by 1 point with inputs by everyone in the starting lineup. Contributions were made by Lindberg (24) with a 3-point and 2 2-point field goals and a free throw, Boulter (25) with 1 3-point and 1 2-point field goals, Lindberg (3) with a 3-pointer and a free throw, King (4) with a 2-pointer, and Immordino (13) with 1 2-point field goal. The half ended with the Eagles 11 points behind on a score of 26-37.

The game became more arduous for the Eagles in the 3rd quarter after they lost 2 key players. Lindberg (24) contributed 5 points with 2-point and 3-point field goals before being forced out of the game with an ankle injury. King (4) added 2 points with a field goal before fouling out of the game. Boulter added the remaining 4 points with 2 field goals giving the Eagles 11 points for the quarter. The Warriors recorded 17 points in the quarter finishing the period with a score of Eagles 37 to the Warriors 64.

The Warriors took advantage of the Eagles loss of key players during the 4th quarter holding the Eagles to 1 3-point field goal by Boulter (25) and enhancing their own score by 18 points. The game ended on a score of Eagles 40 to the Warriors 82.

Lady Eagles drop game to Longmont Christian Warriors

The Warriors held the Eagles to a single 2-point field goal provided by Samantha Smith (2) throughout the 1st quarter. The Warriors counted 8 points in the period via 4 2-point field goals. The quarter ended at 2-8 Warriors.

In the 2nd quarter the Eagles outscored the Warriors by 3 points but the count still left the Eagles behind by 3 points. Gilpin opened the period scoring with a 3-point field goal by Abigail Smith (1). During the rest of the quarter the Eagles scored 10 more points with 1 2-point field goal each by Skyley Ramsey (12), Jessica Wilhelm (30), Smith (2), Camryn Ganz (22) and Tommie DiMauro. The Warriors increased their score with 2 2-point field goals, 1 3-point field goal and 1 free throw. The quarter ended on a score of 15-18 Warriors.

The Eagles scored only 4 points in the 3rd quarter with contributions by Ganz (22) with a field goal and a free throw and by Alicia Johnson (30). In contrast, the Warriors completed 5 2-point field goals, 2 3-pointers and a free throw totaling 17 points for the period. The quarter ended at 19-35 Warriors.

In the 4th quarter the Eagles were, again, held to only 2 points contributed by 1 free throw each from Wilhelm (30) and Nicole Adams (33). The Eagles in turn held the Warriors to 7 points, their lowest scoring quarter with 2 2-point field goals and 1 3-pointer. The game concluded with the Eagles 21 to the Warriors 42.

Camryn Ganz (22) led the Eagle’s scoring with 5 points and Abigail Smith (1) landed the only 3-point field goal. Jessica Wilhelm led the team with 7 rebounds.

Eagles vs Union Colony School Timberwolves

The Eagles boy and girl’s varsities played an away game on the Union Colony Preparatory School’s home court in Greeley, Colorado on Friday evening, January 24th. After the Gilpin boys and girls both endured losses earlier in the week they came into the Union Colony game with league records of boys 0-4 and the girls 2-2.

Gilpin Boys’ varsity suffers defeat on Union Colony’s home court

The Gilpin boys went into the Union Colony game without Nolan Lindberg (24) a key starter on the team who was out with an ankle injury sustained in the previous game with Longmont Christian. To add insult to injury another key player, Stephen King (4), was benched midway through the 2nd quarter with 4 fouls as a precaution against losing him too early in the game.

The Eagle’s only points in the 1st quarter came early in the period with a 2-point field goal by Blake Boulter (25) and a 3-point field goal by Stephen King (4). The Timberwolves responded with an 18-point series of field goals and free throws. The quarter ended on a score of Eagles 5 to the Timberwolves 18.

In the 2nd quarter the Timberwolves continued their scoring streak adding 19 points to their tally. Not until late in the quarter did the Eagles score with 2 free throws, one each by Boulter (25) and Jimmy Immordino (13). King (4) was benched midway through the period with 4 fouls putting him in danger of fouling out before the 2nd half.

Thru the 2nd half of the game the Timberwolves enhanced their score by 35 points mostly via 2 and 3-point field goals with only 1 point coming with free throws. The Eagles furthered their score by 14 points from Boulter (25) with 2 2-point field goals, from King (4) with 1 2-point field goal, from Alex Rodriguez-Jimenez (5) with a 3-point field goal and a 2-point field goal, and from Trey Lindberg (3) with 3 free throws. King (4) re-entered the game at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, then with about 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter he finally fouled out leaving only 3 of the Eagle’s regular starting lineup on the court. With about 2 minutes left in the game another starter Jimmy Immordino (13) fouled out leaving only 2 of the teams 5 starters to finish the game alongside the team’s less experienced players. The game ended with a score of Eagles 21 to the Timberwolves 69.

Lady Eagles soar to victory over Union Colony Timberwolves

The Timberwolves opened the 1st quarter with the 1st score by completing 2 free throws following an Eagles shooting foul. The Eagles replied with field goals by Skyley Ramsey (12) and Alicia Johnson (20) placing the Eagles up by 2 points. The Timberwolves responded with 1 free throw that was followed by an Eagles 3-point field goal by Samantha Smith (2). The quarter ended with another Timberwolves field goal, again, followed by an Eagles’ 3-point field goal this time by Camryn Ganz (22). The quarter ended with a score of Eagles 10 to the Timberwolves 5.

Second quarter scoring began with a field goal and a free throw by the Timberwolves which was trailed by a field goal from Eagles #30 Jessica Wilhelm placing the Eagles up by 4. The Timberwolves scored a 2-point field goal followed by 2 free throws each from Lena Warren (11) and Wilhelm (30) resulting from Timberwolves shooting fouls. After 2 additional Timberwolves 2-point field goals the Eagles’ Abigail Smith (1) landed a 3-pointer ending the quarter at 19-14 Eagles.

During the 3rd quarter the Eagles scored only 3 points from a 3-point field goal by Sahah Trujillo (5) compared to a Timberwolves 4 points from a 3-pointer and 1 free throw. The period ended at 22-18 Eagles.

Scoring picked up in the 4th quarter with the Timberwolves scoring 9 points on 2 2-point field goals and 5 points from free throws. The Eagles enhanced their score by 11 points with scoring spread out between Ramsey (12) with 4 free throws, 1 free throw by Warren (11), and 1 2-point field goal each by Wilhelm (30), Johnson (20) and Ganz (22). The game ended with an Eagles 33-27 victory over the Timberwolves.

Point leaders were Jessica Wilhelm with 6 points followed by Camryn Ganz (22) with 5 points. The Lady Eagles entered the Union Colony game with a win-loss stat of 6-6 and exited the game at 7-5. In League play the Eagles entered the game at 2-2 and finished with a respectable 3 wins to 2 losses.

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