Gilpin County’s wisest man

A tribute to Paul Dellinger

by Brian Unruh

Paul Dellinger is an elderly man of average height and not much hair. He has bright blue eyes behind his glasses and is always smiling. He has an old man’s figure, gets around with a cane, uses oxygen, and has a hearing aid. That’s Paul. He may not look it, but he has had a great influence in many lives, including mine.

Paul is a really close friend whom I have known my whole life (I’m 16). With Paul, what you see is what you get. He’s more open than the Grand Canyon. He’s so simple to understand, yet like the Grand Canyon, he has complicated layers underneath.

Paul’s most notable attribute is his faith, praying day in and day out. His prayers are great, and his belief is greater. He prayed for 30 years for a church to be built in Gilpin County, and it happened – Christ the King Community Church. After that happened, he kept praying. Paul sat on a rock on the land where the church would eventually be built and prayed continuously. He still has big plans for the church for centuries and millennia to come; one plan is to keep the kids in the church, giving them a way to learn about God. Paul’s favorite topic is his Lord and Savior. If you asked him about poodles, he’d find some way to link that back to God

His stubbornness kept him praying through the years for the church. His motto is “PUSH” – Pray Until Something Happens. I think even God admires Paul’s perseverance, for He gave him his stubbornness and spunk. Paul has been here since the beginning of the church and has endured even the bad times, teaching me not to let difficulties get me down. Paul says not to be afraid, because people will always be there to support you. At several points, there was someone in the church who wanted to give up. But the others would call them up and say, “Did God give you permission to quit?” That encouraged them to keep on keeping on.

Paul is a generous person towards anyone. If he has something he feels would benefit the church or getting the word of God out, he goes for it without a second thought. He told me in so many words to help if you can, and don’t turn people away because of who they are or what they have done. He’s also a very trustworthy man. Just by talking to him, you feel like you could confide in him. Paul wouldn’t put you down or go tell a confidence to someone else. When talking with him, you can’t maintain a sour attitude. He can literally dispel a bad mood. He also greets anybody and treats everybody alike. You could have four eyes and a purple horn, and he wouldn’t notice.

Paul also says that if someone is going against what you believe in, don’t falter. “Obey God rather than man.” He is very motivational in the way he does what he says he will do. He doesn’t brag about what he does, he just does it. Paul is very particular about doing quality work. It has to be done right. When working on the church building, he wanted things done a certain way. If things weren’t right, he would ask you to do them again.

That’s Paul. He may look like a regular old and cheerful man, but he has a strong stance in his faith and has had a large influence in many lives. So, “all in Paul,” the reason I respect him so much is because he taught me many great things about people, actions, and faith.

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