Gilpin County School loses wall due to wind damage  

GCSchool_winddamageAS_02Car windows blown out too, but no one injured

By Patty Unruh

Gilpin County School sustained damage due to high winds that blasted the area on Monday, January 5. Official wind speed readings showed Gilpin’s gusts at 88 mph.
Nearby Nederland was clocked at 90 mph, and Gold Hill at 94 mph.

A wall was blown out between the old elementary wing and newer construction from the year 2000, by the administrative offices on the main floor and the art room on the bottom floor. The area is near the front entrance to the school and faces the elementary parking lot.

Superintendent David MacKenzie said the incident occurred about 3:00 p.m. Monday. The staff was having an in-service day, and no students were present.

The building remains structurally sound, as the wall that blew out was a “false wall” between the old and new parts of the school, and the old building’s wall still stands, MacKenzie advised.

The county is to provide a dumpster to hold the debris, and school custodians will cover the damaged area with materials that will help shield it from further weather exposure. The school’s insurance company has been contacted, but no estimate is available on when repairs will take place.

In addition to the damage to the building, several cars also had windows blown out.

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