Gilpin County implements temporary fire restrictions

Commissioners review I-70 Awareness Campaign

By Randy Beaudette

Once again the Gilpin County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) Gail Watson, Linda Isenhart, and Ron Engels were greeted with a full and varied agenda for the regular Commissioners meeting that took place promptly at 9:00 am on Tuesday June 12, 2018 at the newly restored Gilpin County Courthouse. To assist with the tasks at hand were County Attorney Brad Benning and Deputy Clerk to the Board Sharon Cate. The County Manager position remains unfilled.

Temporary Fire Restrictions

The Gilpin County Commissioners approved a Stage 1 Temporary Fire Restriction.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are as follows:

​–NO building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire* without a permit EXCEPT in a developed camp or picnic ground. The following actions ARE permitted:  petroleum-fueled stoves, lanterns, or heating devices providing such devices meet the fire underwriters’ specifications for safety.

NO smoking unless in an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable material.

NO operation of welding, acetylene, or other torches with an open flame.

NO operating or using any internal or external combustion engine without a spark arresting device properly installed, maintained, and in effective working order.


Persons with a permit specifically authorizing the prohibited act or omission.

Resident owners and leasers of land within the restricted area are exempt from above restrictions providing such fires are within the residence.

Any Federal, State or Local Officer or member of an organized firefighting force in the performance of an official duty.

* A stove fire is defined as a campfire built inside an enclosed stove or grill, portable brazier, or a pressurized liquid or gas stove, including a space-heating device.

If you need further information, please call the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office at 303-582-1060 M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or after hours call the Dispatch Office at 303-582-5500.


Zoning Code Revision

  Community Development Director Stephen Strohminger presented a revision to section 2.15 of the Gilpin County Zoning Code. At the March 27th, 2018 BOCC meeting, the Commissioners requested that the Planning Commission revisit the separation requirement for marijuana cultivation facilities. The original intent was to allow only one such licensed facility in each of the County’s three districts. The Community Development Staff requested a change in the Zoning Code that would include a separation of 3,500 feet between cultivation facilities. Gilpin County Commissioners agrees on the basis of the limited availability of water and the limited availability of commercial properties, but did not pass the Zoning Code Revision yet.

Lease Extension

A lease agreement extension was requested between Gilpin County and Central City for a portion of the Apex Emergency Services Building located at 495 Apex Road, Black Hawk Colorado. The lease explains that Central City Volunteer Department will occupy the east bays of the facility for storage of two Central City fire trucks and a portion of the parking lot for placement of an additional storage container for the reasonable price of $600 per month. The term of the original lease was in effect from January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018. With the lease termination date looming, Gilpin County Commissioners approved an extension to the lease that will now terminate on October 30, 2018.

Justice Center Water Recirculation Report

Public Works Director Gordon Thompson and Facilities Supervisor Dirk Matthews presented the latest report concerning the analysis of the piping utilized in the Justice Center Hot Water Recirculation system. The report from Spacek, Timbie and Belvis Engineering located in Evergreen, revealed that the recent leaks and system failures are associated with corrosion on the interior of the rigid copper pipes. The analysis report revealed that the aggressive corrosion is associated to the high conductivity along with the high sulfate, silica, and chloride content in the water. The report suggested that an additional evaluation of the well water treatment system that supplies water along with and evaluation of the design of the circulation system with the intent to reduce the total water flow rate. These measures will correct the troublesome hot water recirculation issues in the Justice Center and prevent any such issues in the future.

Annual Liquor License Renewal

Chairman Ron Engels closed the regular Commissioners meeting at ­­­9:43 am and opened the Local Liquor Licensing Board to review the Retail Liquor License Renewal Application for Coyote Liquors located at 5312 Highway 119, Black Hawk, CO. As presented by Deputy Clerk to the Board, Sharon Cate. The Board reviewed the application and approved the renewal unanimously.

Chairman Engels closed the Local Liquor Licensing Board and re-opened up the Regular Gilpin County Commissioners Meeting at 9:45 am.

I-70 Awareness Campaign

I-70 Coalition Director Margaret Bowes presented an informational presentation on the I-70 Awareness Campaign. The purpose of this presentation is to encourage the Gilpin County Commissioners to communicate with State and Federal election officials on the importance of investing in the I-70 corridor. As we all know, congestion along I-70 between C-470 and Vail can be headache to say the least. The I-70 Coalition’s mission is “To enhance public accessibility and mobility in the I-70 central mountain corridor and adjoining dependent counties and municipalities through the implementation of joint public & private transportation management efforts.” It is made up of towns, counties, and businesses along the mountain corridor who want a long term solution to I-70 capacity and mobility issues. (Source: The Coalition’s long-term plan is an innovative, multi-model solution that will combine both high-speed mass transit and highway widening. Recent I-70 improvements include widening of the Veteran’s Memorial Tunnel just east of Idaho Springs, an eastbound express lane from Hwy 40 to Floyd Hill, various interchange improvements, increased investment in operations and maintenance, and improved traveler information. A visit to reveals a whole host of tools that can be utilized by the smart I-70 traveler. It contains real Time Radio Info, Travel Forecasts for the upcoming weekend based on last year’s information, I-70 news, and even a Rideshare and Parking application. Gilpin County is not on the list of governmental partners, but Central City and Black Hawk are. The presentation was educational as well as enlightening to all who were in attendance. Next time you have an excursion that includes a jaunt on I-70, check out for up-to-date information on traffic and construction conditions.

Legal Status Report

County Attorney Brad Benning presented the settlement agreement between Gilpin County and property owner Yasmaine Ford to the BOCC. The stipulation agreement dated December 12, 2017 was based on zoning code and building code violations that existed on Mrs. Ford’s property at 29 Pitts Place in Gilpin County. Mrs. Ford, during the pendency of this case, has corrected the violations. In addition Mrs. Ford agreed to pay $3,850 in penalties that incurred prior to her correction of the violations.

Mr. Benning also presented the proposal from Edward Batick Woodworking that is a payment schedule for four new custom countertops to be installed as part of the Gilpin County Courthouse renovation. The payment schedule indicated that $2,400 would be due at signing for materials, $1,600 due upon the installation of the County Treasurer’s desk, and $3,200 due upon completion of all the work agreed upon. The County paid Mr. Batick the initial $2,400 for materials, but when work on the Treasurer’s counter/desk was nearing completion, Batick billed the County an additional $50. An inspection of the work revealed that a kick plate, the molding, and some drawers had not been installed. The County then retained the remaining $50 until the job was completed in its entirety. The work remains incomplete and it appears that work has stopped on the Treasurer’s counter. After some deliberation, the Commissioners and the County Attorney Benning agreed to send Mr. Batick a Letter of Demand for the completion of the work and he will receive the remaining $50.

Coffee with the Commissioners

–Tuesday, June 19, at the Wondervu Café, 33492 Hwy 72

–Tuesday, July 17, at the Rollinsville Public Works, 1356 Tolland Road

Courthouse Renovations Final Costs Report

With most of the work completed at the Gilpin County Courthouse, the final costs are considerably below what was budgeted. According to the Final Cost Analysis, the Estimated Costs at Completion is $347,877. Budgeted was $370,275 with $22,398 leftover as unused budget.

Dues to the National Association of Counties

  Gilpin County Commissioners approved $450 in membership dues to The National Association of Counties (NACo). The organization assists small counties throughout the country to apply and obtain Federal Funds through the various grants. Gilpin County for example received $101,029 in 2017 in just PILT money alone. Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) are Federal funds allocated to emergency agencies in exchange for emergency services carried out on Federal Lands. Because the Federal Government doesn’t pay local taxes, and emergency services are occasionally needed on Federal land, the government pays out PILT money for equipment and training. These funds are sent to the County and are distributed to the emergency agencies accordingly.

Approval of Minutes

  Gilpin County Commissioners approved the Meeting Minutes from May 22, 2018 with no corrections. Commissioner Watson abstained from the vote because she was absent for the May Commissioner’s meeting.

Next Meeting

The next Gilpin County Board of Commissioners meeting will be June 26, 2018 at 9:00 am at the historic Gilpin County Courthouse, 203 Eureka St, Central City Colorado.

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