Gilpin County High School Graduation

Sharing memories and planning for the future

By Sunny Vincent

The auditorium was decorated with sliver and purple this year, as the seniors had picked those for their class colors. You could feel the excitement from the seniors as they walked by in their cap and gowns and got ready to enter the auditorium.

Cameryn Cullar started the ceremony out by singing the National Anthem. Then Alexis Donaldson introduced the class speaker, Morton Barsky. Morton came up and introduced this years’ commencement speaker. This year the seniors asked Mr. Warshinsky, their kindergarten teacher, to be their speaker. He started by telling the students the importance of homework. He gave examples of excuses heard in past years for not completing homework and talked about the importance of doing homework in school and in life. He then finished his speech by singing a rap that he made up about how important love is. The graduates laughed and smiled the entire song. It was a one of a kind speech that no one will ever forget.

Samantha Peterson presented the lower classes with a gift from the graduates. This year they bought a new microwave and a clock for the senior lounge, where the students gather to eat their lunch.

Bayley Maltas the class Salutatorian was next. She went through each student and told something special about them. It was very sentimental and touching, she had many tearing up with her thoughtful memories and well wishes for each of her classmates. Kenneth Larson, the Valedictorian was next. He gave a light hearted speech that had the audience laughing and smiling and also brought some tears to the audience.

Kirsten Goodlett, the school’s counselor, told the audience about each graduates future plans and the scholarships they earned. This year’s graduating class earned over $200,000 in scholarships to use for their college careers.

After the speakers were finished, the graduates walked around and handed roses out to everyone who was an important part of their education. There were lots of hugs and tears during the flower ceremony. Once all the flowers were handed out the seniors sat down in the front of the auditorium to watch the senior slide show that was created by Cameryn Cullar and Katura Sales.

Then each senior was announced and walked across the stage to receive their diploma and shake hands with the school board members. Finally the seniors were presented as graduates; they moved their tassels over and threw their hats in the air. The audience cheered and clapped to celebrate their graduates.

This year’s graduation class walked out to their class song, “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. The class chose a motto that leaves an important message to remember as they move on to their future, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” —George Bernard Shaw

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