Gilpin County Eagles Varsity Basketball

Versus Denver Academy & Dayspring Christian Academy

By Gary King

The Eagle’s head coach, Paul Hanson, made the following observations about last week’s boys’ varsity basketball games: “Our guys are starting to play better team basketball and have won 2 league games in the last couple of weeks. They played smart team basketball in the win over Denver Academy and had a solid showing versus Dayspring, however, they just came up a couple of plays short in that one, but did take a good team into overtime. I am optimistic that they can finish the season strong against Clear Creek and Nederland, and hopefully have some momentum going into the playoffs. This is a great group of kids and being relatively young, with no seniors, their future in competing in this league looks promising.”

The Gilpin Eagles vs Denver Academy Mustangs

The Gilpin boys’ varsity and girl’s junior varsity basketball teams played Denver Academy’s boys’ varsity and girl’s JV last Tuesday, February 11th. The games were played on Gilpin’s home court at 5:30 pm for the girls and 7:00 pm for the boys.

Eagles’ boys declare victory over Denver Academy Mustangs

The game commenced with the Mustangs scoring 6 unanswered points in the 1st several minutes. The Eagles responded with their own run of 6 points via 3 2-point field goals, 2 from Stephen King (4) and 1 from Triston DiPasquale (15) to tie the score at 6-6.  The Mustangs reasserted themselves with 2 field goals and a free throw to pull 5 points ahead of the Eagles. The Eagles countered with 2-point field goals, 1 each by King (4) and Blake Boulter (25) placing the Eagles within 1 point of the Mustangs. With the period nearly over the Mustangs secured another 2-pointer putting them up by 3. With just seconds left the Eagles’ King (4) sunk a 3-point field goal to end the quarter with a tied score of 13-13.

During the first two-thirds of the 2nd quarter the Eagles dominated with 15 points scored to the Mustang’s single 2-pointer. Three 2-point field goals came from King (4), and 1 each from Lindberg (3), DiPasquale (15) and Nolan Lindberg (24) along with a 3-pointer by Lindberg (3). The Mustangs countered with a quick run of 3 3-point field goals in a row. In the last minutes of the quarter King (4) and Lindberg (3) put a stop the Mustang’s run with 2-point and 3-point field goals respectively ending reaching half time with a score of 32-27 Eagles.

In the 3rd quarter the Mustangs actually outscored the Eagles by 2 points with 3 2-point field goals a 3-pointer and 2 free throws totaling 11 points. The Eagles points came from 1 2-point field goal each by DiPasquale (15), Lindberg (24), and Boulter (25) augmented by a Lindberg (3) 3-point field goal for a total of 9 points. The quarter closed with the Eagles up by 3 points with the score at 41-38.

The Eagles approached the 4th quarter committed to maintaining their lead. Throughout the period the Mustangs were only able to score 9 points with 3 2-point field goals and 1 3-pointer. During the quarter each player in the Eagles’ starting lineup contributed to the team’s tally. King (4) completed 3 2-point field goals, Boulter (25) made 1 3-point field goal and 1 2-point field goal, Lindberg (3) had a 2-pointer and a free throw, Lindberg (24) finished with a 2-pointer, and DiPasquale (15) completed the Eagles’ scoring with 1 free throw. The game finished with the Eagles touting an 11-point lead on a score of 58-47.

Stephen King (4) led the team in scoring with 21 points followed by Trey Lindberg (3) with 15 points. Blake Boulter (25) and Triston DiPasquale (15) both led in rebounds each with 10. Nolan Lindberg (24) led in steals with 6 followed by Boulter (25) with 5. Following the Denver Academy game the Eagles’ boys wins vs losses this season are 2-8 for league play and 4-13 overall.

Lady Eagle’s junior varsity chalks up a win over Denver Academy Mustangs JV team

Denver Academy’s girls JV team played against Gilpin’s girls JV team in place of the girls’ varsity game last Tuesday evening. Denver Academy does not have a girls’ varsity team at this time.

The Lady Eagle’s JV team scored 15 points in the 1st quarter of their game against the Mustangs. The Mustangs in turn scored only 4 points putting the Eagles up by 11 points and ending the quarter at 15-4 Eagles.

In the 2nd quarter, the Eagles Purser (23) began the scoring with 3-point and 2-point field goals. The Mustangs countered with 2 quick 2-point field goals but were interrupted by another Purser (23) 3-pointer making the score 23-8 Eagles midway through the quarter. During the second half of the quarter the Mustangs scored only 2 additional 2-point field goals while Gilpin’s Noemi Correa (3) pinned a 2-point field goal and Joyce Jewell (21) completed a 3-point field goal to end the quarter at 28-12 Eagles.

The Eagles came out tough in the 2nd half scoring 3 unanswered 2-point field goals, 1 each by Tommie DiMauro (13), Skyley Ramsey (12), and Abigail Smith (1). With less than half of the period left the Mustangs scored 2 2-pointers but were answered by the Eagles Smith (1) and Correa (3) each with a 2-point field goal. The Mustangs went on to score the last 2-pointer of the period making the score 38-18 Eagles.

The Mustangs tried to come back in the 4th quarter scoring 13 points the most they added in any single quarter. However, the Eagles were also able to score 13 points via contributions from Correa (3) with 3 2-point field goals, Purser (23) with 2 2-pointers, Kendra Wenholtz (32) adding 1 2-pointer, and DiMauro (13) with a free throw. The game closed with a score of Eagles 51 to the Mustangs 31.

Gilpin Eagles vs Dayspring Christian Academy Eagles

Gilpin’s boy and girl’s varsities played against the Dayspring Christian Academy teams last Saturday, the 15th of February. The games took place on Gilpin’s home court at 4:00 pm for the girl’s and 5:30 pm for the boys.

Gilpin Eagles boys’ varsity lose in overtime to Dayspring Christian Eagles

The 1st quarter looked bleak for Gilpin with Stephen King (4) scoring the Eagles only 2 points on a fast break ending with a layup. Dayspring scored 13 points in the period with 4 2-point field goals, 1 3-pointer and 2 free throws. Gilpin ended the quarter with a 12-point deficit.

Gilpin re-engaged Dayspring with resolve in the 2nd quarter. Dayspring scored 9 points in the quarter while Gilpin accrued 19 points. Scoring for Gilpin were Blake Boulter (25) with 3 3-point field goals and 2 free throws, King (4) with 1 2-point field goal and 4 free throws, and Nolan Lindberg (24) with a 2-point field goal. The quarter ended with Gilpin down by only 1 point at 21-22.

In the 3rd quarter Dayspring scored 10 points with 2 2-point and 2 3-point field goals. Gilpin scored 8 points with one 2-point field goal each by Lindberg (24), Boulter (25), Trey Lindberg (3) and Triston DiPasquale (15). The quarter concluded with Gilpin still down, this time by 3 points on a score of 29-32.

A 2-point field goal by Dayspring started the scoring in the 4th quarter giving them a 5-point lead. Gilpin’s King (4) responded with 2 3-point field goals in quick succession putting Gilpin 1 point ahead. Dayspring countered with a 3-pointer of its own regaining the lead by 2 points. Lindberg came back for Gilpin with a 2-point field goal tying the game at 37 to 37. With 24 seconds left on the game clock King (4) committed his 5th foul and was removed from the game. Just a few game seconds later Lindberg (24) also fouled out of the game. Neither team scored again before the final buzzer throwing the game into a 4-minute overtime.

Gilpin entered the 4-minute overtime without the benefit of either their top scorer or their top rebounder. Dayspring scored 2 2-point field goals in the 1st minute of the overtime. Lindberg (3) responded with a 3-point field goal about half way through the overtime putting Gilpin within 1 point of Dayspring. With less than a minute left in the game Dayspring jumped 3 points ahead with a 2-point field goal. Gilpin turned the ball over on their following possession and was forced to foul Dayspring in an effort to retake possession and hopefully complete a 3-pointer. However, Dayspring took advantage of the 1 and 1 free throw foul by completing both shots ending the game on a score of Gilpin 40 to Dayspring’s 45.

Gilpin’s Lady Eagles triumphant over Dayspring Christian Eagles

Gilpin’s girls’ varsity came out strong beginning the game with 2-point field goals by Skyley Ramsey (12) and Jessica Wilhelm (30) and a 3-pointer by Lena Warren (11). It wasn’t till roughly 5 minutes into the 1st quarter that Dayspring scored a 3-pointer followed by 2 2-pointers to tie the score at 7-7. Gilpin finished the quarter with a 3-point field goal by Abigail Smith (1) pushing Gilpin ahead on a score of 10-7.

Dayspring started the 2nd quarter with 2 free throws and a 2-point field goal to pull within 1 point of Gilpin. Gilpin responded with an 11-point run by Wilhelm (30) with a 2-pointer, Samantha Smith (2) with 2 2-pointers, Warren (11) with a 3-point field goal, and by Ramsey (12) with a 2-pointer. Dayspring finished the period with a 2-point field goal and a free throw while Ramsey (12) added another 2-pointer to Gilpin’s score. The score ending the quarter was 23-14 Gilpin.

In the 2nd half Dayspring, again, started the scoring this time with a single 2-point field goal. Gilpin responded with another run, this time, of 12 points contributed by

Camryn Ganz (22) with 2 2-pointers and 2 free throws, Ramsey (12) with 2 2-point field goals and Warren (11) with 1 2-pointer. Dayspring finished its scoring for the period with 2 2-point field goals but Gilpin ended the period scoring with a 3-point field goal by Sarah Trujillo (5). The quarter ended with Gilpin ahead by 18 points on a score of 38-20.

Dayspring scored with 3 2-point field goals for only 6 points during the 4th quarter. Gilpin scored 11 points with input by Ramsey (12) presenting a 2-pointer and free throw, Warren (11) donating 5 points with 2-point and 3-point field goals, and Ganz delivering 3 points in free throws. The game ended with Gilpin ahead by 23 points on a final score of 49-26.

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