Gilpin Commissioners set new fees for Sheriff’s Office service fees

Winks Panorama, Black Hawk election

By Lynn Volkens

Gilpin County Commissioners Buddy Schmalz, Connie McLain and Gail Watson met September 3, 2013 to discuss Sheriff’s Office fees, several items regarding the City of Black Hawk, and Winks Lodge nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Sheriff’s Fees

Commissioners adopted Resolution 13-16 setting the fees charged by the Sheriff’s Office regarding the serving of a summons, writ of process, subpoena writ of attachment, replevin, garnishee, demand for payment, certificate of levy; for committing and discharging convicted prisoners from the county jail, attending before a judge with a prisoner, attending courts of record in session; for advertising property for sale, making certificates of sale, deeds of sale; for taking, approving and returning bond, executing capias or warrant in criminal cases; for transporting insane or other prisoners; and various other specified services. Fees range from $1 to $150. The fees charged to other Gilpin County government offices and agencies were also revised and now range from $5 to $15. The Sheriff’s Office will charge 20 cents per mile for services requiring travel.

Black Hawk MOU

  Black Hawk is currently using court room space at the Justice Center to conduct Municipal Court while its own facility is undergoing renovation. Commissioners approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Colorado Judicial Department, by and through the First Judicial District, the County of Gilpin and the City of Black Hawk stipulating the details of that use for the next five years, unless terminated earlier by either party.

Black Hawk IGA

  With ratification of approval of this Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) Commissioners gave the okay for the County Clerk & Recorder to perform the ordering and completeness certification of the ballot issue notices, and the mailing of the ballot issue notice packet for the City of Black Hawk’s special election to be held November 5, 2013. The City will conduct all other functions of the election in-house and independent of the County.

Black Hawk Letter of Support

  Jack Lewis, Black Hawk City Manager, provided the County with a letter of support from the City of Black Hawk, for the County’s Local Government Parks & Outdoor Recreation Grant application. The County has applied for a grant to construct a pavilion at the County ball fields.

Clerk & Recorder’s Report

  Gilpin County Clerk & Recorder Colleen Stewart presented her July, 2013 report showing her office had collected revenues of $182,963 for that month. Of that, $901,470 was disbursed to the State; $68,875 to the County Treasurer; $4,540 to Central City; $180 to the State Domestic Abuse fund; $75 to Black Hawk; $28 to POST; $27 to the State Health fund; and the Clerk’s office retained $17,770. State Motor Vehicle late fees accounted for $4,880 in revenue and Uninsured Motorist fees, $914.

BLE Correction

  A Boundary Line Elimination (BLE), previously approved for Laurin and Wanda Sundquist, incorrectly identified Lot 4 instead of Lot 2 related to the Golden Gate Canyon Subdivision property. Commissioners adopted the resolution to correct the BLE.

Winks Panorama Historical Register Nomination

Winks Panorama at 213 Winks Way in the Lincoln Hills Subdivision was originally listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. An updated nomination was required to address a boundary change to include additional land historically associated with the property, to augment the documentation to meet current standards of the National Register, and to address additional areas and levels of significance. Commissioners certified the Historic Registration, as requested by the Colorado Historic Preservation Review Board.

Departmental Reports

  Public Health Agency’s quarterly nursing report (April – June, 2013) was submitted by Ann Marie Bailey, Public Health Coordinator. It lists the numerous activities Bailey has conducted related to Communicable Disease Control, Community Health Assessment, Environmental Health Services, Early Childhood Services, Senior Wellness, Emergency Preparedness, and the meetings with partner agencies who help provide these services to Gilpin County. For more information about the extensive list of available services, please visit the County’s website,

The Community Development Department’s July report showed revenue of $11,379 and a caseload of 52 cases for that month. The bulk of the cases related to Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (ISDS), followed by building projects such as additions and remodels of existing structures. This department has waived $22,850 in revenue by reducing building fees for those who opt to use alternative energy sources and fire resistant materials in construction.

The Environmental Health July report lists one ISDS permit issued, 13 ISDS maintenance contracts received, 23 warnings of expired maintenance contracts issued, and 8 user permits. There were two retail food establishment inspections done, resulting in one critical violation. One retail food establishment was licensed.

The Population-Based Public Health July report shows one client in the Women Infant and Children’s program (WIC), two in the Nurse-Family Partner program, three health education activities and eight cardiac risk assessments performed. There was one presentation for senior citizens. Three residential water tests were done.

The Public Works Department’s July report announced the arrival of the new roll-off truck and the beginning of the E-Waste Recycling Program. The Road and Bridge crew was kept busy repairing culverts, ditches and road issues caused by heavy rains, plus dust suppression on Tolland Road, main roads in Dory Lakes Subdivision and Virginia Canyon Road. The lower two and a half miles of Rollins Pass was graded. Fifty solid waste punch cards were sold in July and 208 tons of trash was hauled to BFI, costing $4,572. The Slash Site took in 811 loads; only 26 of the loads coming from outside Gilpin County. Total revenue from the Slash Site, year-to-date, is $6,400. The Fleet Repair crew repaired 22 County vehicles and one vehicle owned by Central City.  Total cost of repairs: $10,480.

Defensible Space and Fuels Reduction Program

Gilpin County received a grant of $204,992 to help private homeowners do fire mitigation work (tree and slash removal) on their properties. The program is a collaboration between Gilpin County, CSU Extension Service, Timberline Fire Protection District and Colorado State Forest Service. The program will be managed by a part-time Grant Mitigation Coordinator. The County has posted that position and is seeking applicants at this time. They expect to hire the coordinator by the end of September. Residents of high risk Gilpin communities will be invited to participate. There will be eight communities chosen. The communities will be selected this fall  and the actual mitigation work  will be done in summer and fall of 2014.

2014 Holiday Schedule

  Twelve days were approved by Commissioners as paid holidays for the County’s employees next year. They are January 1 (New Year’s Day), January 20, (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), February 17 (Presidents Day), May 26 (memorial Day), July 4 (Independence Day), September 1 (Labor Day), October 13 (Columbus Day), November 11 (Veterans Day), November 27 (Thanksgiving Day) plus November 28 (Day after Thanksgiving), December 25 (Christmas Day) plus December 26 (Day after Christmas).

Goals and Objectives 2014

  Commissioners worked further in honing their list of2014 goals and objectives in the areas of Capital Projects, Services and Policy.

Executive Session

  Commissioners met with their attorney to discuss a matter related to a contract.

Work Session

  Following the business meeting, Commissioners met in a work session to discuss Certifications for County employees.

Heads Up

  Gilpin County Commissioners meet next on September 17, 2013.

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