Gilpin Commissioners receive lien notice of $254 million

Allegedly for dishonoring oath of office and engaging in predicate acts of conspiracy

By Randy Beaudette

The gavel was sounded by Madam-Chair Linda Isenhart and the Gilpin County Commissioners meeting was called to order at the Gilpin County Courthouse June 28, 2016 at 9 a.m. along with Commissioners Buddy Schmalz, and Gail Watson. Also in attendance were County Manager Roger Baker, County Attorney Jim Petrock, and Deputy Clerk to the Board Sharon Cate.

There were no changes to the agenda and the meeting proceeded to the Public/Press portion of the meeting.

Public Comment

  The International Commercial Recording Office Public Access (ICROPA) presented a Notice of ICROPA Consensual Commercial Lien and Ledger to the Gilpin County Board of Commissioners. The notice dated June 28, 2016 states the A Consensual Commercial Lien and Ledger/ Bill of exchange in the amount $254,708,582 for punitive damages on behalf of the indestructible Trust for the People of Colorado in Case Number BOE #2015-1 for the breach of public trust by Bruce W. Hartman, David A. Gloss, James Petrock, PETROCK & FENDAL P.C. and GILPIN COUNTY COLORADO. The Commercial Lien states Payable on Demand/at sight plus 72 hours for value received for dishonoring oath of office and engaging in predicate acts of conspiracy. For more information see There was no further comment either from press, public, or the Gilpin Board of Commissioners.

Board of Adjustments

Madam-chair Isenhart recessed the Board of Commissioners and opened the Board of Adjustment to hear and review a Variance Request presented by Community Development Director Tony Petersen and Tom Ihme owner of Base Camp at Golden Gate Canyon. The Variance Request was to allow the applicant to repurpose an abandoned swimming pool site located on the Base Camp property and develop a 20×30’ picnic pavilion on the pool site which is within the 45’ of the property line fronting Hwy 46. Current code requires 100’ setback from the front property line. The Board favored the action and approved the setback adjustment.

Retail Liquor License Renewal  

The Board of Adjustments was adjourned and Isenhart called to order the Local Liquor Authority (LLA) to renewal a liquor license for Coyote Liquors presented by Deputy Clerk to the Board, Sharon Cate. The Board reviewed the application and approved the renewal unanimously.

Dog Ordinance

The LLA was closed and Isenhart reconvened the regular Gilpin County Board of Commissioners meeting to hear and review the first reading of Ordinance #16-01 Pertaining to the Welfare, Control and Licensing of Dogs in Gilpin County. This is a revision of the previous Resolution for the Control and Licensing of Dogs (Resolution 99-13). The new proposed ordinance is essentially the same as the Resolution except in section B “voice control” has been removed and replaced with “actual physical and immediate control” the exceptions being dogs on your own property, service dogs, and dogs training to perform or performing livestock work or pursuing wild game in season. Motion to approve for publication was made by Commissioner Watson, and seconded by Commissioner Schmalz. Motion passed unanimously.

County Manager Report

County Manager Roger Baker reported that the Assistant Director for Parks and Recreation and the Library Director positions are currently open and the application deadline will be in July. The First Amendment to employee Contract between Gilpin County and County Manager Roger Baker was reviewed and approved by the Gilpin County Board of Commissioners. This amendment would increase Baker’s yearly salary from $105,000 to $106,050.

Legal Status Report

County Attorney reported the county is currently dealing with two code violations that are in process of being resolved and will probably not end up in court, plus, oral arguments are getting under way for the State Treasurer litigation concerning the gaming tax issue.

Gilpin County Commissioner’s Report

Commissioner Watson stated that she will be on vacation and not be attending the July 12 Commissioner’s meeting.

A Gilpin County Guide for Living in the High Country aka Gilpin Primer has been updated and will soon be available on the Gilpin County website refer to:

About 100 hard copies of the primer will also be printed and will be available throughout the County.

The June 14, 2016 meeting minutes were approved with no corrections and there was no additional public/press comment.

Next Meeting

The next Gilpin County Board of Commissioners meeting will be July 12, 2016 at 9 a.m. at the Gilpin County Courthouse, 203 Eureka St, Central City, Colorado.

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