Gilpin Commissioners make 2018 appointments

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Jail Capacity Analysis Study Approved

By Jaclyn Schrock

Tuesday, January 9, 2018, in the borrowed Central City Hall court room, Gilpin County Commissioners met at 9:00 am. The old Courthouse, currently a construction site to remodel and maintain useful durability of the building, at 203 Eureka Street, Central City, Colorado, is the normal meeting place for Gilpin County’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. This first meeting of 2018 was called to order by District #3 Commissioner Gail Watson, 2017 Board Chair. Also present were District #1 Commissioner Ron Engels, District #2 Commissioner Linda Isenhart, County Manager Leslie Klusmire, County Attorney Jim Petrock, and Deputy Clerk, Sharon Cate.

With a review of the agenda, Public Hearing for the Board of Adjustment Variance Request BOA 17-05 was cancelled. Public and press comments simply appreciated the Board’s effectiveness to maintain the best interests and mission of the county.

Annual appointments for 2018

Commissioner Ron Engels asked County Attorney Jim Petrock about the protocol for the first agenda item, Annual appointments for 2018. Mr. Petrock confirmed discussion of positions is appropriate at the public setting. 2017 Board Chair recognized the opportunity to move her position as a commissioner rather than board chair for 2018. For each new year, the understanding is that the Commissioner’s Board Chair position rotates to the Commissioner from the next district. Since District #2 Commissioner Linda Isenhart was chair in 2016, District #3 Gail Watson was Chair 2017, District #1 Commissioner Ron Engels is appointed chair for 2018. Commissioner Watson continued to go through the list of appointments with discussion until all the appointments were approved. Then Ron took over as Board Chair, 2018. Commissioner Linda Isenhart made note of appreciation to Gail Watson for the many challenges and successes managed by her as Chair to the Board of County Commissioners, with department heads retiring leaving many positions in flux as well as our County Manager position needing to be refilled.

The other positions appointed included: Commissioners to Convey, Board of Adjustment, and Local Liquor Licensing Authority all are still Ron Engels, Linda Isenhart, and Gail Watson. A new position to be set annually is Chair Pro-term, for the Board of County Commissioners, to have a chair person assigned should the current commissioner as chair be unable to attend a meeting. 2018 Chair Pro-term is Linda Isenhart. County Attorney continues to be Jim Petrock. Administrative Assistant to the Board of County Commissioners continues to be Sharon Cate. Budget Officer continues to be Clorinda Smith. Chief Building Official continues to be Stephen Strohminger, having replaced Tony Peterson upon his retirement. Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Continues to be Sargent Kevin Armstrong. Depository Banks for Gilpin County continue to be: Wells Fargo, Colo Trust General, Colo Trust Reserve, and C-Safe. Newspaper of Record continues to be the Weekly Register-Call. New for 2018 is the location of Public Notice of Public Meetings on the front of the Old Courthouse Building. And new this year is staff authorized to use Facsimile signatures (per Resolution 17-08), Clorinda Smith and Judy Stuerenberg. All these appointments for Gilpin County were approved by a unanimous vote.

Commissioner Committee Representatives

  Commissioner Committee Representatives for 2018 also was approved, continuing to have a specific commissioner represent Gilpin Board of County Commissioners regarding County interest in various operations. Two groups deleted in 2017 so are not continuing in 2018 are the Community Health Assessment Project (CHAP), and the Rollins Pass Restoration Association.

Public Hearing- Board of Adjustment

  Variance Request BOA 17-04 from Chad Manley of Manley BBQ was also presented by Community Development Planner Daniel Horn. The commissioners were very excited and supportive of the Manley BBQ plan. They were disappointed not to grant the variance due to the absence of physical or topographical features specific to their site that would cause hardship, which is what a variance must demonstrate to be granted. Manley BBQ made the request for variance from his understanding of the need to progress with plans for expanding his current catering and whole sale meat smoking operation in what had been a 3 car garage.

The plan would comply with Gilpin/Jefferson County Health Department Regulates for a mobile Commercial Kitchen. A mobile kitchen must also have a Commissary Kitchen it is based from hence the space needs of a 48 foot trailer commonly pulled by a semi-tractor. This Commissary Kitchen would be the mobile vendor stand (oversized by county regulations). The plan would establish the trailer as a permanent feature, yet able to become mobile to comply with Emergency Preparedness needs and make meals for 600 available. Climate hardships and many regulatory agencies involved prompted the seeking of a variance. However, the use of the property could not be the reason for the hardship, only physical features could grant a variance. So, the hopes of being operational by summer to offer drive-up, online, and call-in food to be picked up was dashed. The next steps if Manley seeks to move forward appears to rezone his property on Hwy 119 near Taggart’s convenience store/ gas station and seek a special permit.

  Variance Request BOA 17-05

Septic Installation near South Beaver Creek was cancelled.

  Variance Request BOA 170-06

Mark Ragan and Jamie Shaak were seeking to add a detached Ancillary Unit to their residence, supported by Community Development Director Stephen Strohminger and Planner Daniel Horn. Apparently, the request was, not a topographical hardship so much as seeking to add what could be considered a 2nd potential dwelling on the property that was smaller than County requirements. The property owner will continue with the artistic workshop area plans, but simply remove the items planned that make it possible to have a the building considered a dwelling place. They will keep the plans for heating the space, a sink for washing from pottery works, and a toilet, but remove the shower from the plans. They also would keep from having it appear to have a kitchen with the sink for utility purposes and only have perhaps a microwave or hot plate for convenience since it is situated 50 feet from the home. Any additional unit, beyond the dwelling, on property may not be 2 story, this is only one story, but has stairs to a loft for a library. This variance was denied.

The Board switched from acting as the Board of Adjustment to the Gilpin County Commissioners, so took a short break.

Ordinance 17-02

The Open Burning Permit System had its second required reading and was approved with no further comment.

2018 Human Services Certification

  The 2018 Human Services Certification of Compliance was signed on time at the end of the year, to confirm to the state that all employees and operations conformed to state standards. It has not been regulated who signs this documentation, so interim Human Services Director Karen Erdman signed it with County Manager’s encouragement. This agenda item is to simply state who should sign the document in the future. The Board agreed that the County Manager should sign it in annually in the future.

Staff Account Proposals

  Staff Account Proposals were requested by Human Resources Manager Susie Allen and presented by Finance Director Clorinda Smith. Three proposals were all approved and candidates for hire were greatly hoped to be found soon. A staff position approved in the 2018 budget will have no Fiscal Impact and was approved to progress with the selection of applicants in the Finance Department. The request for part-time help for seven weeks, for the Web/ Communications/ Facility and Reservations employee who is on leave, was also approved to not exceed a budget change of $7,000. Also, approved was a 2-week, 20 hour a week temporary part-time Office Assistant position to seek candidates.

Jail Capacity Expansion Analysis and Options Study

  County Manager Leslie Klusmire explained the need to make a study of options to expand bed space in the jail. Double bunking has been recommended, understanding that this does require more staff to manage the increased population. Recognizing the past with current concerns, better preparations can be recognized for the future. Many options have been brought to consideration, while comparing jails in other counties. The only problem with this is that we are unique to have the gaming industry, and also more rural than most counties compared. The metropolitan counties have a better opportunity to transport those incarcerated to neighboring facilities that also meet their requirements. The board did approve the study, but made a limit of the expenses to gather information for options. Our judge and other judges have all sought to make other options available to those sentenced to keep fewer numbers in the jail for long periods of time.

Legal Report

County Attorney Jim Petrock announced the purchase of the Red Tail Cabins has been completed, to make possible recreational, historical and educational opportunities. His second report dealt with his representation of Gilpin County elected officials in the ongoing trails of those accused of harassing Gilpin officials and officials from other counties in Colorado. This 2nd trial which will be ongoing is somewhat different from the others since the others involved represented themselves. This trial has legal counsel.

County Commissioners Report

Notice of Public Meetings can now be found on the website. Wednesday, January 10 at 2:30 pm in Apex will be a Work Session to focus on Colorado Telehealth Network Broadband Project. Commissioners have their monthly Five-County Commissioners Breakfasts Wednesday, January 10th in Idaho Springs, but is not a public meeting. Friday, January 19 is a public meeting at Apex for Future Revenue Planning Workshop. The monthly Coffee with the Commissioners has not had a big turnout in the winter. So, they have suspended Coffee with the Commissioners and will hold them June through September in 2018, the last Tuesday of the month. Locations may likely rotate to each district; at the Community Center, Rollinsville, and Wondervu.

Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI)

  Public Lands Budget and Dues discussion followed and approval made to pay dues this year to allow the use of public lands, and discuss options next year as this has been a newer program to work with for the Commissioners.

County Manager Report

County Manager Leslie Klusmire noted that much effort was put toward the Jail Proposal. The monthly meeting of department heads will be this week. The reports they produce were asked to be completed by a new position, since it is adding to already full schedules. Department newsletters are planned with a template in the improvements to the County website. A proposal will be presented for that new position for next meeting.

The Public Works Report was noted to show that 11,460 pounds of worn-out grader blades were cut up to recycle this month. Interesting was the increase in recycling revenue in November 2017 from 2016. In contrast, Total Solid Waste Revenue November 2016 was $1,500 higher than in November 2017. Appreciation was also made for the delivery of a 20 foot shipping trailer to be used for storage of the massive amount of food brought through the Human Services Department that has been often found in halls and offices. Other personal detail of employees was also recognized as most appropriate.

Human Services has an easy to read template used to format their report and makes it easy to determine their activities. They do have events that are more easily counted than other departments.

There was discussion of concerns with the type of varnish used on the new flooring in the Old Courthouse. A 10 year guarantee was requested for the different type used than found on the sample that was approved.

Postcards are expected to be in everyone’s mailboxes this week regarding the changes in marijuana grow laws in homes.

There was concern noted with hope to find help from CCI regarding the current Presidential action to drastically cut the federal dollars used for the Census. The result of the census is the basis for distribution and collection of taxes. Without dollars spent on the census, it will not occur and no updated population numbers will be available to administer local, state, and federal government agencies.

Other Business

The minutes for the December 19th Board meeting were approved with no corrections or concerns.

Board Chair Ron Engels proposed a consideration from staff members to the process of signing off checks for bills that have already been approved by the Board so may not require yet another signature in that process. This was considered a low-priority project, yet may improve the streamlining of County operations.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners will again be in the Central City Hall, at 9 am on Tuesday, January 23rd.

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