Gilpin Commissioners adopt 2018 budget

Still searching for shooting range property – USFS property is out

By Jaclyn Schrock

A special meeting of Gilpin County Board of County Commissioner was held at Central City Hall, 141 Nevada Street during renovations to the Old Courthouse, 9 am Friday, December 15, 2017. All three County Commissioners were present for the meeting, Ron Engels, Gail Watson, and Linda Isenhart. County Manager Leslie Klusmire was not present, but County Attorney Jim Petrock and Deputy Clerk Sharon Cate were present.

This special meeting was scheduled primarily to adopt the 2018 County Budget, though two other major accomplishments were the approval of contracts to resurface the community pool, and the appointment of Interim Human Services Director Karen Erdman to manage through Betty Donovan’s retirement.

Gilpin County’s 2018 Budget was approved as Resolution #17-24. The Commissioners had reviewed the basics at the last regular meeting, December 5th, 2017. There were only minor adjustments to the document presented and explained by Finance Director Clorinda Smith at this meeting. Appreciation was noted for the job well done to complete the budget plan. The only comment in discussion regarded the flat fee from gaming revenue. This figure actually increased in 2017 where other years there has been a decline. The total expenditures proposed for Gilpin County would be approximately $26,600,000. There is nothing planned for the Capital Improvement Fund (current Old Courthouse renovations are in the 2017 budget). So the $26 million in planned expenditures comes from barely more than $20,000,000 for General Fund.  The remainder of expenditures provides Gilpin residents with the Library Fund, Human Services Fund, Public Health Fund, Solid Waste Fund and Conservation Trust Fund.

Interim Human Services Director Karen Erdman is a good fit for Gilpin County, so was appointed to cover the post with Betty Donovan’s retirement. Without a supervisor for the county’s case workers, Jefferson County was approved to contract with Gilpin County to fill in during the interim period.

  Resolution #17-28, A resolution to levy General Property Taxes for the Year 2017, to help defray the costs of government for Gilpin County for the 2018 Budget Year, presented by Clorinda Smith. The Board needs to discuss this annually, so approved the 9.85 levy which is expected to bring revenues to the state of approximately $3,625,000.

The agenda item regarding  the second reading of the Open Burn Permit was rescheduled from 10 am to 10:15 am at the first regular meeting in January on Tuesday the 9th, 2018.

Commissioner Gail Watson has been working on the new website and asked to Board to consider paying for the photos that would be used. The current site has received contributions from a few employees and local professionals. It was agreed to pay employees $50 per photo and no more than $500 to any one employee in a year for photos.

Interim Parks/ Recreation Director Alan Smith presented the two contracts that have been in the works for the pool at the Community Center. One contract is for materials to resurface the interior of the pool, and the other is for the labor. The guarantee on the various materials in processes used in the renovation ranges from 15 to 25 years. The previous application and supporting system under the skin had some issues and did not meet the expectations or demands of our use. With the Board approving these contracts, the international company providing the services can now get started manufacturing our specific skin with hopes of have the pool back to operation by spring. Both contracts were approved by the Board.

Last, there was discussion about two letters. One was from the Board to Forest Supervisor Monte Williams responsible for Arapaho, Roosevelt National Forest and Pawnee National Grassland. The letter was in regards to the meeting held in Gilpin on November 6th regarding the closure of all USFS land to recreational sport shooting. Gilpin Commissioners continue to seek property in the county that could become a public access area for recreational sport shooting. The letter stated that as requested by the US Forest Service, each county is responsible to provide a range area since there is no longer an opportunity from the US Forest Service. The letter stated that the small size of our county has made it difficult to find an appropriate range area. The Board announced to the public that the area previously hoped to accommodate the development of a range, turned out to have an active mine on it so was not appropriate. Some discussion from the Sheriff’s staff suggested another location that will now be considered.

The second letter from the Commissioners to Irv Halter, Executive Director Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), expressed appreciation for the Gaming Impact Fund awards. The letter recognized our competition for the limited funds and plans to make improvements to our Gilpin jail with the award.

Bill Harrington of Alpha Services in Evergreen is the general contractor for the Old Courthouse renovation project. He gave an update that had good and not so good news. The abatement process was not as extensive as expected. However the wood flooring is not as thick as the 117 year old flooring that has been removed. So, it will cost more to put another layer under it. Also, as the treasurer’s office dismantled the original counter, the supporting wood split apart and a resolution is sought for that problem.

Commissioners Gail Watson and Linda Isenhart said we have a great opportunity to bring improved internet connection to the Gilpin County Public Health Agency by participating with Colorado Telehealth Network Consortium (CTN). CTN represents Colorado Counties before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There is a large discount made available to member counties with a small rate of up-front payment expected.

The meeting was adjourned to return Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017 at 9 am for the last regular meeting of the year.

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