Gilpin churches are open for in-person worship again

Reunite with fellow believers

By Jaclyn Schrock

Regulations were updated May 2, 2021 at Worship and associated ceremonies such as weddings and funerals are classified as critical. Ceremonies are to follow Covid-19 public health guidelines as closely as possible to complete the essential activities of life.

Continuing to utilize online resources for worship experiences is strongly recommended for any who participate that have been exposed or are currently contaminated with the virus.

Most congregations are holding in-house worship times, with few restrictions that have been practiced for the last year, now that so many in the community are vaccinated and our case numbers have dropped in Gilpin County.

All critical businesses still take precautions and remain vigilant to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Masks are optional, 6 foot family social distancing is encouraged, capacity limits are more lenient to 50% of fire code, sanitation practices continue to be practiced frequently, with relaxed requirements for distance of speakers and singers.

Local times of gatherings can be found in the Worship Directory of the Weekly Register-Call. Some also include how to contact the church to get online connectivity.

The amazing part of the availability of so many various worship experiences online, is that we can participate in more than one church, regularly, even out of state. This can bring unity to the body of Christ. Those outside the church often complain it is so divided. We are finding unity.

The COVID pandemic will forever be a turning point in the way the world has functioned. With every aspect of life all over the world affected by the fear of the illness and loss of life it brings our communities, history has a mile marker. To protect ourselves, from the invisible beast of COVID, we shut down or limited most activities of life for over a year.

Homes, businesses, stores, health care for all and special care for the youngest and oldest people, works, schools, churches, every kind of recreation – all have been affected.

The schools have done all they can to provide education safely, but it is so challenging without face to face contact. Those who have graduated this year have proven their efforts to complete a task with very challenging circumstances. Our youngest learners have taken a hard hit, and will likely spend the rest of their education on a longer road to catch up than the older students. Many still cannot return to preschool or in home daycare, so workers are not returning to the job force.

It is summer in the mountains, let’s all get out and enjoy gathering together in safety. Together we can enjoy the beauty of God’s world, and share His love with one another, without fear.

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