Gilpin Arts recognizes exceptional artists

Judging from the Elementary Winter Arts Festival

By Esmee Halsted

On December 28, the Gilpin Arts Association recognized Gilpin students for their incredible artwork! Selection was based on judging from the elementary winter arts festival and concerts. Taking place at Central City Art Gallery, Gilpin families came to admire the beautiful work of their kids and other students. Hot drinks where provided, perfect for the winter months.

Families shuffled in anytime from noon – 3 p.m. Mr. Halsted and gallery manager, Michelle Rousself, mingled with families as they viewed the exhibits. The most meaningful part, however, was when students showed their artwork.

Michelle Rousself commented on the event, “I am very pleased to work closely with the Gilpin County School Art program by giving them a platform to display their artwork adding opening receptions in a historic gallery through the Gilpin County Arts Association that coincide with our other featured shows. My hope is to inspire and encourage them to continue to create art work throughout their lifetime. Art is a powerful expression of one’s self and should be encouraged as it can apply to many facets of life. I believe this also reminds our long-time artist members’ of their own divinity. I along with each visitor we have at the gallery, enjoys the honest nature that the children’s art work translates.”

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