Gilpin Arts Members Show

New exhibit getting high praise

By David Josselyn

  A new exhibit is showing at Gilpin Arts Washington Hall featuring works from only members. “This show is really, really, high quality,” exhorts Harv Mastalir, President of Gilpin Arts. Harv is continually amazed at the maturity and professionalism of the submitted pieces in the gallery. He has seen the quality “go up every year.” It only takes a few steps into the gallery to know exactly what Harv is talking about. The photographs, paintings of all mediums, and three-dimensional pieces could stand side by side with those in any metropolitan museum. Washington Hall also boasts a garden with flowers donated from Irene Shonle which Harv personally helped dig up and transplant last year. Included in the show is a photograph taken by the late Lew Cady, founder of Little Kingdom Come. Other living members include Judi Mitchell, Julia Moritz, Judy Deist, Greg Chapleski, Josh Trefethen, and Virginia Unseld. This is but a small list of members whose art is on display. Tap into your right brain and take some time to visit Washington Hall in the next few weeks. The Members Show will be on display through October 1st.

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