Gilpin Arts 73rd Annual Juried Art Show

Opened August 1st in Central City at Washington Hall

By Jaclyn Schrock

Creative progressions were presented in their final form. Artists go through many steps to create something that at some point is considered finished, or until a deadline makes them stop fine-tuning.  In the upstairs of Washington Hall, 117 Eureka Street in Central City, Gilpin County Arts Association (GCAA) held the opening reception of their 73rd Juried Art Show on August 1st. Appetizers and beverages were also shared.

The mission statement for non-prophet GCAA is:

To expand the appreciation and understanding of art, to provide Rocky Mountain artists with the opportunity to present and sell their work, and to provide inspiration and financial assistance to them and our Gilpin County School art program.

The five main rooms of the historic gallery have natural lighting from either windows or skylights and spotting lights to enhance walls hung with completed art works. There are also unique 3D creations and jewelry. Each room has its own character, framing the designed art. One room has a sloping rock floor and a water feature flowing above the rocks resembling the gold mining process from our local origins with mining. And the garden in the outdoor rocky hill is fenced to keep traffic flowing through the art gallery.

Virginia Unseld coordinated the 2020 Awards, providing comments of distinction for the 13 awards. There are first, second, and third place awards for three categories: Photography, 2-Dimensional, and 3-Dimensional. There is an honorable mention for each category and a best of show award.

In the 73rd Annual Juried Art Show program, Virginia Unseld explains in the Judges Statement a “wow” factor is found while judging to receive an award. She recalls one of her first jobs in Colorado was working in the Washington Hall Gallery for the GCAA in 1979. Over the years she began to submit her own work for the show. Many years her artwork was accepted and she has won numerous awards. She feels like it has come full circle now to be the judge this year, honored as the 2020 Judge of Awards.

Jurors each have a long history of experience in their artistic field, recognized locally for their contributions and internationally.

2D and Mixed Media juror – Natasha Isenhour

Photography juror – Rob Lantz

3D & Jewelry juror – Ira Sherman

There are 20 Photographs by 17 photographers offering your own place to view, between $85 and $2,495.

There are 55 of the 2-Dimensional pieces by 29 artists ranging from $150-$6,000.

There are 29 pieces in three groups: 3-Dimensional Art, Mixed Media Art, and Jewelry Art by 13 artists available between $80 – $9,300.

These will be available for viewing and purchase until September 22, 2020. Come check it out and add a little culture to your life, and it’s a good excuse to get out of the house!

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