Father’s Day Fishing Derby

Fun for the entire family

By Randy Beaudette

What better way to enjoy Father’s Day than to participate in the annual Father’s Day Fishing Derby at the William C. Russel Park and Pond. The event this year was sponsored by Gilpin County Parks and Recreation, The City of Central, and Central City Elks Lodge – providing burgers and hot dogs, along with prizes donated by Cabela’s.

Event coordinator Derek Disser estimated about twenty plus families attended the event with kiddos ranging in age from 2 to 16. Dads, Moms, and the youngsters lined the shore as they fished using a variety of baits on a hook to lures and flies. Some anglers favored Powerbait over worms and salmon eggs and rightly so. Powerbait seemed to yield the best results. As the Derby wound down, prizes were awarded to: Micah Keeler for the first fish caught, Isaac Gonzalez for the most fish caught, Taylor tied with Gonzalez for biggest fish caught. All the participating youngsters were awarded a brand new Cabela’s rod and reel.

Mr. Disser stated that the catches were down this year due to the heat and the time of the day of the Derby. Next year, the Father’s Day Fishing Derby will be held a little earlier in the day to bring up those numbers.

It was a great day to get out and enjoy some late spring fishing, soak in some sun and spend time with loved ones.

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