Father’s Day Fishing Derby is a family affair

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Community Fun Event

By Cary Ihme

It was 19 years ago that Ed Saxton helped start the “fishing clinic” in Central City at the William C. Russell Park, where he would teach kids how to fish. The fishing clinic has since evolved into the Father’s Day Fishing Derby sponsored by the Gilpin County Rec Center, The City of Central, and the Central City Elks Lodge. Ed Saxton has not missed one year. He didn’t even miss the year he was not feeling so well but attended the derby anyway, then later ended up at the hospital having heart surgery. That is dedication.

Ed’s youngest granddaughter, Cheyenne Gerhardus, has now attended her last derby as a competitor. She will be too old next year as the derby is open to kids aged 2-16. That may come as good news to some of the kids who were skunked this year as Cheyenne raked in the fish and the prizes.

Garret Simmering had the lucky spot of the day. He caught eight fish total.

While some of the kids went home without catching a fish, they did not go home empty handed. Every kid received a prize.

I am told the Saxton/ Gerhardus family will likely be back to the derby even though they won’t have kids competing. They will help other kids fish and will continue to enjoy the day as a family. I sure hope so. It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here is the list of winners…

First Caught

Boys: Garin Pohl

Girls: Cheyenne Gerhardus

Largest Caught Age 2-4

1st Nicolette Trujillo

2nd Taylor Shimmering

3rd Zarin Casarez

Largest Caught Age 5-8

1st Shyanne Pohl

2nd Skyley Ramsey

3rd Garret Simmering

Largest Caught Age 9-12

1st Caitlyn Simmering

Largest Caught Age 13-16

1st Cheyenne Gerhardus

2nd Chris Clemmer

3rd Courtney Clemmer

Smallest Caught Age 2-4

Boys: Zarin Casarez (9 ½”)

Girls: Taylor Shimmering (10”)

Smallest Caught Age 5-8

Boys: Garret Simmering (10”)

Girls: Savannah Pohl (9”)

Smallest Caught Age 9-12

Girls: Caitlyn Simmering (10”)

Smallest Caught Age 13-16

Boys: Chris Clemmer (10”)

Girls: Courtney Clemmer (10”)



Most Caught Age 2-4

Boys: Zarin Casarez

Girls: Nicolette Trujillo

Most Caught Age 5-8

Boys: Garret Simmering

Girls: Shyanne Pohl

Most Caught Age 9-12

Girls: Caitlyn Simmering

Most Caught Age 13-16

Boys: Garret Simmering

Girls: Courtney Clemmer

Last Caught

Boys: Garret Simmering

Girls: Courtney Clemmer


Photo Derby 01: The Gerhardus/Saxton Family

Photo Derby 02: Cory and Cayden Cook enjoy Father’s Day together.

Photo Derby 03: Derby kids are all winners.

Photo Derby 04: Garret Simmering with one of his eight fish of the day.

Photo Derby 05: Central City Elks Members

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