Farewell to veteran Gilpin School Board members

And welcome to new Board members

By Esmee Halsted

Tuesday, November 19th was the last board meeting for long time board members Holmes, Armstrong, and Ramsey. Their terms ranged from anywhere between nine to eleven years of service. Students and community members expressed gratitude for their dedication to our school. Each of them are highly involved in the community in their own way.

Brooke Ramsey, a Gilpin graduate herself, has coached both the Middle School and High School girls basketball teams.

Craig Holmes has been a part of the Elks, Gilpin Education Foundation, and the Senior Living Program.

Kirsten Armstrong served on the District Accountability Committee as chairperson.

The school board, during their tenure, was very bonded and helped our school grow into the award winning educational institution it is today, along with strong arts, sports, and extra-curricular programs. During the final meeting they shared a plethora of stories, but a very special one was told during their last meeting. Dr. David Mackenzie remembered when he was hired as superintendent, how Craig Holmes was in the hospital. “I apply, and then I get a phone call from Holmes, ‘Dave! I am in the hospital, but I had to call ya. I want to offer you job,” explained Dr. MacKenzie. He also praised the board members for supporting him as a leader of Gilpin County School District. “Soon to be Gilpin County School Board Past President Craig Holmes  thanked the new board members, Tracy Krug, Cherokee Blake, and Joe Marr, for running and congratulated them on their win.

Also during the meeting, Molly Brennan was congratulated by the Board and Mr. Halsted for a great artwork. “We focused on watercolor painting techniques, and not only did her artwork jump off the wall, but her painting style really met the objective. She really nailed the project as a whole.” Her artwork can be seen in the Board Room until November next year.

Gilpin teachers Ann Myers and Monica Ruhl shared with the school board their collaboration between the elementary students and the 6th graders. The 6th graders read to elementary students in hopes of improving reading skills for both classes. Students found that their reading skills increased and their overall enjoyment for reading improved. Ryan Hanssen explained that it, “helped us go back, re-read, and be more fluent with our reading.”

As always, a successful board meeting was very bittersweet, but also showed promise for future improvement.

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