Essence of the West opens for the summer

ARearView_GeneYoungmannNew Gallery Exhibit in Central City

By David Josselyn

The one-room gallery above the Central City Visitor’s Center has opened a new exhibit featuring four artists’ work: Chris Schranck in ceramics and glass, Gene Youngmann in watercolor, Terry Irwin in pastels and oils, and Eileen Leland in jewelry. Each artist puts their unique spin on creations that reflect Western America which establishes the perfect ambience for Central City, complementing the City’s history and modernization in diverse coalescence.

Chris Schranck of Denver, distinguishes himself in ceramics and glass by utilizing objects found in alleys and trash cans around the city and transforming them into beautiful art. The gallery is showing vases and bowls fashioned by his hand.

Retired Jefferson County art teacher Gene Youngmann focuses on the effect of light on objects and architectural subjects, and is known for using purple shadows. The pieces on display reflect age; in particular old and well-used vehicles or other objects that feel as much a part of the history of the area as the land around them.

Well-travelled Terry Irwin reproduces scenes of wide open spaces and panoramic mountain ranges for which she has an on-going love affair. Irwin focuses on the moods and feelings light plays into the scenes.

Eileen Leland, retired French teacher, has always found joy and solace in the arts. She is a classical singer and musician, but has also found jewelry to be an interesting and creative outlet. Leland reflects that “creating a new piece is always exciting because the original idea always changes into something different.”

The Essence of the West exhibit will be on display through September 4, 2016. Just up the street from the Visitors Center Gallery is the fabulous Washington Hall gallery where these artists and many more have their work on display. As always, each gallery is free to visit.

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