End of year academic awards at Gilpin County School

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Bradley Robinson receives lifesaving award

by Patty Unruh

Gilpin Middle School and High School academic awards were presented on Wednesday, May 24. Secondary Principal Alexis Donaldson greeted the students and parents.

“This is the most important thing – getting done what needs to be done in class,” she said of the academic recognition.

Donaldson gave accolades to the Booster Club for everything they did all year, especially in the last month. She also called on the secondary teachers to stand and be recognized and expressed thanks to Superintendent David MacKenzie, School Resource Officer Lee Ramsey, and the Board of Education.

Eagle Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll awards were then presented by Donaldson and school counselor Kim Cobb. Eagle Honor Roll awards were earned by students having a grade point average of 3.0-3.49. Principal’s Honor Roll certificates went to those who earned a GPA of 3.50-3.99. MacKenzie distributed the Superintendent’s Honor Roll awards to students having a GPA of 4.0 or higher.

Cobb presented special student recognition awards to two deserving juniors. Josh Trujillo received the Colorado School of Mines Medal of Achievement in Math and Science, which came with a one-time $1,000 scholarship. Katelyn Armstrong was granted a 2017 CU Boulder Outstanding Colorado Student award, which included a scholarship of $1,000 per year for four years.

Deputy Ramsey took the podium and called student Bradley Robinson forward. Ramsey related how Bradley saved the life of a fellow student the previous week. The situation occurred on May 16 at 10 a.m. The teacher, Jessica Selseth, was down the hall addressing another student when a commotion came from the classroom – student Penn Teller was choking on a Lifesavers candy. Bradley, a real lifesaver, quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver on Penn’s abdomen, thrusting upward six or eight times until the candy popped out in several pieces.

“Bradley’s quick action likely saved Penn’s life,” Ramsey reported. “His dad said that when Bradley found out he would get an award, he said, ‘I don’t need an award. My friend has his life.”

The young man got a standing ovation as he received the Gilpin County Sheriff’s award, which stated, “For your heroic effort, swift action, and willingness to intervene in an emergency situation on May 16, 2017, and by doing so saved the life of a fellow student, we are forever grateful to you!”

Certificates were presented to students from sixth grade to junior year in high school by the teachers: Mary Farmer and Darren Newberg for sixth grade; Randi Reiner and Christopher Rouse for seventh grade; Victoria Stephens and Jessica Selseth for eighth grade, Craig Ball and Dusty Newberg for the freshman class; Rachel VanHoose and Su Henry for the sophomore class; and Jeff Schuessler and Jennifer Gillette for the junior class.

Middle school students were awarded for excellence in science, writing, language arts, pre-algebra, PE, yearbook, spelling bee, social studies, careers, study hall, computer skills, geometry, Algebra I, Science Bowl, Spanish, Honors Physical Science, and Honors English.

High school students were recognized for world literature, world history, physical science, World Language Day, Spanish I, PE, Honors English, Honors Physical Science, geometry, writing, yearbook, three-sport athletics, advanced literature, computer skills, geography, Science Bowl, film studies, biology, chemistry, Algebra II, Honors Geography, anatomy and physiology, teachers’ aide, student council, Advanced Placement English, Advanced Placement World History, expository writing, statistics, speech, pre-calculus, physics, and Advanced Placement U.S. history.

Eighth graders were awarded pins and certificates for completing the requirements for continuation to high school, pending their final exams.

“This signifies that they get to move up two flights of stairs to high school. We’re excited to have them,” Donaldson said. “I’m proud to present next year’s ninth grade class!”

Spanish teacher Su Henry specially recognized two first place winners of the World Language Day competition – Brekken Billman and Aidan Freeman. Brekken won for American Sign Language storytelling, and Aidan won for a Spanish presentation telling about himself, creatively using an old-fashioned heavyweight rotary dial phone.

Donaldson wrapped up the evening by thanking the students for their hard work and dedication.

Student List

The following students were recognized by the school, including all honor roll recipients:

Sixth grade – Bryan Deckett, Sarah Lovett, Camryn Ade, Dominic Anderson, Sierra Ramsey, Hannah Donaldson, Skyley Ramsey, Jozie Jansen, Bradley Robinson, Kylar Lamer, Aucklynne Sacco, Trey Lindberg, Elizabeth Price, Gracie Putnam, Kade Copeland, Zac Gebhart, Kaeden Lafone, Samantha Rust, Abby Smith, Sasha Sonsino, Noah Bryant, Ellis Lopez, Chryslin Martinez, William Siegrist, Austin Patrick, Penn Keller, Brandon Robinson, Tommie DiMauro, Briana Godwin, and Owen Erickson.

Seventh grade – Esmee Halsted, Hannah Lozano, Madison Altman, Kennedy Perez, Miranda Phovemire, Reese Hill, Andrew Seliceo, Ashton Turkaley, Keston Billman, Callie Ralstin, Meir Bellinsky, Caleb Murphy, Katelyne O’Sullivan, Halle Yocom, Briar Randall, Cassidy Wood, Haley Stundon, Bob Grapes, Sydney DeLeon, Destany Garcia, Chris Pence, Lance Prewitt, Alex Rodriguez, Kendra Wenholz, Brogan Thomas, and Lily Aloel.

Eighth grade – Drake Hylton, Damian Sonsino, Blake Boulter, Gabriel Bergeson, Stephen King, Kristin Hardman, Tristin Braning, Delaney Grant, Emma Hanssen, Dallas LeBeau, William Price, Caitlynn Wright, Julian Cortez, Nathan Harper, Noah Hockley, Deven Moore, Ryan Newberg, Casey Usnick, Sarah Canalia, Shane Wu, Olivia Ball, and Jasmine Crook-Arends.

Ninth grade – Alicia Johnson, Jessica Wilhelm, Bailey Hobson-Kroll, Mike Wenholz, Aharon Bellinsky, Eli Buckland, Joyce Jewell, Tyler Braning, Noemi Correa, Sarah Trujillo, Claire Diekman, Aidan Freeman, Ashley Parkhurst, Samantha Smith, Lena Warren, Nicole Adams, Kian Lamer, Isabel Szucs, Alyssa Webb, and Nolan Lindberg.

Tenth grade – Alexis Lautrup, Cooper Lindberg, Shania Gonzales, Brekken Billman, Chad Holmes, Anna Yocom, Jake Duncan, Angel Gomez, Kristi Schmidt, Jaime Alexander, Cheyenne Cowles, Blaizun Diamond, Courtney Holmes, and Juan Madrigal.

Eleventh grade – Conner Smith, John Immordino, Katelyn Armstrong, Tristan Froio, Alex Martin, Aspen Nadeau, Jack Ball, Josh Trujillo, Cicely Lepro, Austin Boulter, Devyn Braning, Chris Burtschi, and Moises Espinosa.

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