Embrace our mud season!

One of the best times to enjoy the outdoors in Gilpin

By Esmee Halsted

It’s the time of the year where the snow melts and combines with the warm earth, in order to create the mud and puddles we all love! Mud season is a tourist free, unpredictable time. In between winter and summer, some call this time of year Spring. That being said it usually snows on and off during mud season, so it is not very spring like. Still, this time of year is beloved by many Gilpinites. Two locals, Dave Solzberg and Erin Trumble, revel in mud season.

Dave Solzberg, music teacher at New Vista High School, is a local musician here in Gilpin County. His favorite time of year is mud season: “I LOVE everything about mud season.” For most locals, erratic weather patterns keep tourists away, leaving spans of summer weather for only Gilpinites. As Dave says, mud season is “like a pre-game tailgate party to get us ready for summer.”

What is most beautiful about mud season is the combination of the melting snow and sacred earth. Dave loves the smell of melted snow combining with earth. “It smells energizing and youthful,” remarks Dave. He also enjoys the sound of melting ice and the sound of water dripping from icicles onto the ground and into puddles, as well as lakes, rivers and streams coming back to life, and leaving the (beautiful) stillness behind.

The best memory Dave has during this time of year takes place in a snowy cabin. His favorite memory entails, “Being snowed in in an old cabin at 10k ft and needing to hike/ski down to get to town because the roads were so snowy and muddy. I loved and hated it. But looking back on it, I really just loved it,” says Dave.

A local entrepreneur, Erin Trumble, spends mud season outside with her family. She loves taking walks with her son. “We wear our mud boots and get a little messy.” She also enjoys following the snow melt – most notably, the forest streams. “I am also always so excited when I can hear the little run-off creek that forms in our backyard.”

Mud season is a gorgeous time to spend outside. It’s a time to spend with family and a time to observe natural beauty. Erin and Dave love mud season, because it’s a special time for locals. Resonating with many Gilpinites, as the end of winter, mud season highlights the erratic weather patterns. Mud season is possibly the best season in Colorado’s strange environment.

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