Eldora Pond Skim

A spring thing

by Dave Gibson

With only eight more days left of the ski season, Eldora Mountain Resort turned the fun up a notch hosting their 2nd Annual Pond Skim. Eighty entrants would try to make it all the way across one of two ponds or suffer the consequences. Chunks of ice were raked from the water before the proceedings began and everyone who had signed up was required to wear a helmet. The wind gusted 30 mph and the thermometer sat stubbornly at 25 degrees. As is often the case with crazy events, costumes were encouraged. The Mad Hatter, a hockey player, a pimp, a couple of pineapples, and people dressed in leis and Hawaiian shirts as well as those with no shirts at all braved the chilly challenge. Half of them glided from one side to the other while the rest weren’t quite so lucky and took the icy plunge. Flips and spins earned bonus points even if it meant getting soaked. Any excuse for awarding a prize, including best wipeout, was considered; fifteen skimmers won gift bags.

After another successful year, Eldora will close for the season on Sunday, April 22nd.

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