Eagles rattle the Lions’ cage in rematch with Shining Mountain Waldorf

Defeat Denver Jewish Day in 65-15 blowout

 By Patty Unruh

 Contest with Shining Mountain

  Here we go, Eagles, here we go!

  After their disappointing loss by only one point to Shining Mountain Waldorf on February 13, the Lady Eagles were not about to give up their rematch semifinal game against the Lions.

  At the end of a fast-paced and physical battle, the Gilpin County High School girls’ varsity basketball team emerged the victors 52-30 on their home court February 25.

  Although Gilpin controlled the first quarter 10-3 and won the game by 22 points, it was by no means a walk in the park. Shining Mountain battled till the very end.

  Support was strong from the home crowd, who whistled, cheered, clapped, and stamped their team to victory. The first quarter was all Gilpin; the pace picked up in the second quarter as Shining Mountain began to press. They swished in a three-pointer, which was immediately answered by a three-pointer from Elinora Einarsdottir.

  The teams went back and forth in a game of keep-away until the close of the second quarter, when a Shining Mountain player fouled Andi Ramsey. Ramsey dunked a free throw to make the score 17-14.

  The third quarter saw several steals and fights over the ball. Alyssa Chareunsouk got a bump on the nose as she attempted to block a Shining Mountain pass. The competition was still close at 28-22 Gilpin.

  The Eagles finally pulled away decisively in the fourth quarter. A highlight of the last few minutes was a surprise steal by Einarsdottir, who passed to Siegrist for a neat two points to make the score 32-22. Shining Mountain fought back with a quick two points. It was a tennis match from then on, with Ramsey, Einarsdottir, and Stephanie Siegrist making basket after basket, including several three-pointers.

  Ramsey got fouled twice in succession, but was unable to make her free throws. She and Siegrist each slapped in two points to bring the score to 47-29 before Ramsey retired to the bench amid loud applause.

  Chareunsouk widened the gap to 49-29, but Shining Mountain kept up the press. Siegrist brought the Eagles to 50 points with a free throw. Jada Gohdes had the honors of shooting 2 points right before the final buzzer to make it 52-30 Gilpin.

Match with Denver Jewish Day    

  The Lady Eagles blew past Denver Jewish Day in their first game of the playoffs February 22. It was the Eagles all the way in this 65-15 game on the Gilpin court.

  Senior Andi Ramsey led the scoring for the Eagles with 13 points. Stephanie Siegrist and Elinora Einarsdottir also scored big with 10 points each; Alyssa Chareunsouk and Delainey Lepro were close behind with 9 and 8 points, respectively. Einarsdottir, who was back in action after being out with a sprained ankle, and Chareunsouk each had three-point field goals. The junior varsity players had their opportunity also, and acquitted themselves well by contributing 7 points.

  The Eagles got 44 rebounds, with Ramsey and Siegrist grabbing over half of those alone.

  Chareunsouk led in assists with 5 of the 18 total. The team had 20 steals.

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