Eagles play a non-league game and first league game

The Gilpin Eagles Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity play a non-league game against Lake County

By Gary King

The Gilpin County School’s boys’ varsity basketball team went into the Lake County game with a 2-6 record in non-league play so far this season. Lake County was the final non-league game before the team enters the season’s league competition.

Gilpin Eagles boys drop game to the Lake County Panthers

The Eagles came out strong against the Panthers in the 1st quarter. The Panthers opened scoring with a 3-point shot less than a minute into the period. Within 30 seconds the Eagle’s Stephen King (4) answered with an Eagle’s 3-pointer. In the next 2-½ minutes the Panthers had 2 field goals and a free throw while Boulter (25) added a 3-pointer for the Eagle’s producing a score of Eagles 6 to the Panthers 8. Midway into the quarter, Trey Lindberg (3) dropped in another 3-point shot to put the Eagles up by 1. The Panther’s finished the quarter with 2 more field goals and a score of 12. The Eagles polished off the quarter with 2 free throws and a field goal bringing their score to 13.

The Eagles were out-scored by 7 points in the last couple of minutes of the 2nd quarter. With 2-1/2 minutes left in the half the Eagles were still hanging on to a 2-point lead, at 18 to 16, when the Panthers got hot with a 3-pointer and 3 quick 2-point field goals to the Eagles 1 point on a free-throw. The half ended on a score of 19 to 25 in favor of the Panthers.

The Eagles started the 2nd half strongly with 3-point field goals by Boulter (25) and Trey Lindberg (3) tying the score at 25-25. Again, the Panthers had a dominant streak with 6 2-point field goals and 1 3-pointer pulling ahead of the Eagles by 15 points. The Eagles were unable to connect with any of numerous field goal attempts until the end of the quarter when Lindberg (24) landed a 2-point layup. The quarter ended with the Panthers up by 13 points on a score of 27-40.

The Eagles scored 14 points to the Panthers 10 in the final quarter but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Panther’s 13-point lead going into the quarter. King (4) began the 4th quarter scoring with a 2-point layup on a steal and fast break. Lindberg (24) scored next with a short 2-point jumper. The Panthers answered with a long 2-point field goal but King (4) followed up with 2 successful free throws after being fouled on a fast break attempt. The Panthers scored another field goal followed by 5 quick points from the Eagles on a Lindberg (24) layup and free throw, a Trey Lindberg (3) free throw and a Boulter (25) free throw. With less than a minute left on the game clock the Eagles scored one more time with a Lindberg (24) 3-point field goal while the Panthers scored with 2 free throws and a 2 point field goal for a final score of Eagles 41 to the Panthers 50. It is notable that Nolan Lindberg (24) led the team’s game stats with 11 rebounds, 16 points scored, 2 blocks and 4 steal.

Gilpin’s Lady Eagles claim victory over the Lake County Panthers

The Lady Eagles began the 1st quarter with a full court press forcing a Panthers turnover resulting in Alicia Johnson (20) being fouled and subsequently scoring the first 2 points of the game on free throws. A little over 2 minutes into the quarter the Panthers scored their only 2 points of the period on a fast break and layup. The Eagles added 8 more points in the 1st quarter with 1 2-point field goal each by Alicia Johnson (20) and Jessica Wilhelm (30), a 3-point field goal by Sarah Trujillo (5) and a free throw by Skyley Ramsey (12).

In the 2nd quarter the Eagles defense held the Panthers scoreless till the last minute-and-a-half of the period when the Panthers completed 2 field goals to bring their game score to 6 points. The Eagles scored 17 points in the quarter with contributions of a field goal each by Johnson (20), Camryn Ganz (22), Wilhelm (30), Abigail Smith (1), Samantha Smith (2), Trujillo and Tommie DiMauro (13) who also sunk a 3-point field goal. The half ended with a score of 27-6 in favor of the Eagles.

The Lady Eagles continued to control the game in the 3rd quarter, holding the Panthers to only 4 points. With 1 field goal each from Ganz (22), Ramsey (12), and Johnson (20) and 2 field goals from Lena Warren (11) the Eagles added 10 points. The Eagles added another 5 points with free throws from Wilhelm (30), Smith (2) along with one additiona free throw point by Johnson (20).

The Eagles defense, again, held the Panthers to a score of only 4 points in the 4th quarter. The Eagles added 8 points in the quarter with one field goal each by Abigail Smith (1) and DiMauro (13) and 2 successful free throws each by DiMauro (13) and Ganz (22). The game ended with a score of 50-14 in favor of the Eagles. Highlights for the game include high scores of 9 points each for Tommie DiMauro (13) and Alicia Jonnson (20) along with 1 3-point field goal each by Tommie DiMauro (13) and Sarah Trujillo (5). Also, the team had an overall 82% success rate on free throws.

Gilpin Eagles boys’ and girls’ varsities play first league competition against Dawson School

  The Eagles boys’ and girls’ varsity teams both lost their first league game on Friday, the 10th of January in Lafayette, CO against the Dawson School Mustangs. Head Coach Paul Hanson said of the boy’s game: “Our guys played very well throughout most of this game and I am proud of their effort.  They showed a lot of determination and heart, and competed well against a much more experienced team.  We started a Freshman, a Sophomore, and three Juniors versus Dawson’s five senior starters and senior bench substitutions. I strongly believe if we continue to play at that level of quality play, we will win a lot more games this season.”

Gilpin Eagles boys topped by Dawson School Mustangs

The Mustangs initiated the 1st quarter scoring with an early 3-point shot and for the 1st half of the quarter traded field goals with the Eagles. Blake Boulter (25) responded with a 2-point field goal. The Mustangs shot back with another 3-point shot followed by another Eagles 2-point field goal by Nolan Lindberg (24). The Mustangs scored another 2 on a fast break layup followed by another 2-pointer by Lindberg (24). During the 2nd half of the quarter the Mustangs scored a 3-point and a 2-point field goal and were answered by only 1 2-pointer by Stephen King (4). The Eagles ended the period with a 5-point deficit on a score of 8-13.

The Mustangs started the 2nd quarter with 2 field goals increasing their lead to 9 points. The Eagles battled hard to make up the deficit and take the lead by 1 point before the end of the half. Trey Lindberg (3) began the Eagles come back with a 3-point field goal that was followed by a Boulter 3-pointer. The Mustangs sunk another 3-point field goal that was trailed by a free throw by the Eagles King (4) for 1 point, a Boulter (25) field goal for 2 points and a field goal by King (2) for another 2 points making the score 19 to 20 Mustangs. During the rest of the period the Mustangs recorded 2 more 2-point field goals and a 3-pointer. The Eagles in turn made 1 point on a King (4) free throw, a Boulter (25) 3-point field goal, a King (4) 2-pointer, and 2 free throws from Trey Lindberg (3). The half ended with the Eagles up by 1 on a score of 28 -27.

The Mustangs had a notable scoring streak during the 3rd quarter with 8 3-point field goals, 1 2-point field goal and 1 free throw for a period total of 27 points. The Eagles responded with only 12 points with contributions of 10 points from King (4) including 2 3-point field goals, 1 2-pointer and 2 free throws along with a 2-point field goal from Boulter (25). The 3rd quarter ended with a score of 40 to 54 and an Eagles deficit of 14 points.

In the 4th quarter the Eagles worked hard to make a 2nd come back but were unable to close the gap. The Mustangs started the quarter with a free throw and another 3-pointer increasing their spread to 18. The Eagle’s Boulter (25) finally scored with a 2-point field goal but the Mustangs answered with another 2-pointer. With just over 5 minutes left on the game clock Trey Lindberg (3) marked a 3-point shot reducing the spread to 16 points. With just over 3 minutes on the clock the Mustangs scored 2 more field goals followed by a 1-point free throw by King (4). As the clock was running down and with a 19-point deficit the Eagles went into hyperdrive in an attempt to come back. Trey Lindberg (3) and Nolan Lindberg (24) each made 2 points on free throws but the Mustangs replied with 4 points of their own. The final score was Eagles 50 to the Mustangs 69.

The Eagles point leaders were Stephen King with 20 points followed by Blake Boulter with 12 points. Trey Lindberg, Blake Boulter and Stephen King each completed 2 3-point field goals. Nolan Lindberg led the game with 11 rebounds and 6 steals.

Gilpin’s Lady Eagles defeated by Dawson School Mustangs

The Lady Eagles had an unexceptional 1st quarter scoring only 2 points. The quarter ended with the Eagles trailing by 10 points on a score of 2-12. The Eagles fared considerably better in the 2nd quarter scoring an additional 14 points to the Mustangs 6. The Eagles ended the half with only a 2-point deficit based on a score of 16-18.

In the 3rd quarter the Mustangs held the Eagles to only 1 point scored on a free throw while the Mustangs recorded 14 points. The 3rd quarter ended with a score of Eagles 17 to the Mustangs 32 and an Eagles deficit of 15 points.

In the 4th quarter the Eagles fought hard to make a comeback adding 15 points making it their highest scoring quarter of the game. The Mustangs began the final quarter scoring with a 3-point field goal followed shortly by an Eagles 2-point field goal and 2 free throws by Skyley Ramsey (12) and a 2-point field goal by Camryn Ganz (22) making the score 23-35 Mustangs. After the Mustangs recorded 2 more points on free throws Ganz (22) scored 2 points with a fast break layup. The Mustangs responded with a 3-point and 2-point field goals followed by 2 free throws by Tommie DiMauro (13) of the Eagles. With 2:32 left on the game clock the Eagles chalked up 5 more points with 2 Ganz (22) free throws and a 2-point field goal and a free throw from Ramsey (12). The Mustangs finished with 2-point and 3-point field goals and 2 free throws concluding the game with a score of Eagles 32 to the Mustangs 49.

The Lady Eagles point leaders were Camryn Ganz (22) with 11 points followed by Skyley Ramsey (12) with 10 points. Jessica Wilhelm (30) led in rebounds with 7 followed by Camryn Ganz (22) with 6.

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