Eagles knock off the Bulldogs in football 62-24

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by Patty Unruh


The Gilpin High School Eagles football team routed the Elbert Bulldogs 62-24 in a home conference match-up on Saturday, October 31. The game was a spirited Halloween clash between the opponents, with a howling wind as much of a factor as the athletics. Spectators agreed that it was a good day to stuff rocks in their pockets to keep from blowing away. It was the final game of the season, and the Eagles finished on a three game winning streak with a 6-3 record. That makes two years in a row of winning football at Gilpin.

Eagles’ Coach Craig Ball reported, “Our offense is still number one in the state in rushing and total yards. There were only seven runners in eight-man football who had over 1,000 yards rushing in the season. Gilpin had two of them.” Matthew Immordino had just over 1,000 yards and Chase Boulter had over 1,600 yards for the season.

Even though Gilpin dominated in the game with Elbert, the Bulldogs startled the Eagles by scoring the first touchdown a little less than five minutes into the game. During Elbert’s drive to the end zone, Gilpin player Braedyn Perez was injured and needed a transport by Gilpin Ambulance to get checked out. It was later discovered that the injury was thankfully not serious.

After Perez was cared for, the game resumed, with Elbert making good on a 2-point conversion. Gilpin picked up the pace with the first of 8 touchdowns at 4:23 to go in the quarter, followed by the conversion. The teams were tied at 8-8.

With just 2:22 to go in the first quarter, Manny Gomez intercepted a pass meant for an Elbert player, giving Gilpin possession on the 15-yard line. In short order, the Eagles ran it in for a TD. The score stood 14-8 Gilpin at the end of the quarter.

Early in the second period, the Eagles mounted a 60-yard drive and gained another touchdown and conversion, bringing the score to 22-8. On the Eagles’ kickoff, the Bulldogs fumbled, and Gilpin recovered, quickly mustering another 8 points with 6:24 remaining in the first half.

On the Bulldogs’ next possession, three unsuccessful attempts were made to pass the ball, with Jonny Lovett tipping the ball on the second pass attempt. Gilpin enjoyed the success of another TD and conversion, to bring the score to 38-8. But the Bulldogs responded at 2:29 in the quarter with a pass completion and another 8 points for their team. Then, with just under a minute remaining, the Eagles strolled into the end zone with a touchdown and followed with a conversion. The score was 46-16 Gilpin at halftime.

During the break, the team’s seniors were honored for their contributions. Coach Craig Ball handed each player a bouquet of flowers, to be passed on to the young men’s parents as thanks for their support. The seniors being recognized were Captain Chase Boulter, Daniel Madrigal-Garcia, Sam Ghaffari, Jonny Lovett, Jonathan Ramsey, and Bjorn Tomlinson.

After the halftime ceremony, as play resumed, Gilpin didn’t let up. They scored another 16 points in the third quarter, while Elbert attempted to close the gap by putting 8 more points on the board.

The fourth quarter saw quite a number of the Eagles get a chance to play and try a few more pass attempts. Both teams remained scoreless in that quarter, and the final score was 62-24 Gilpin.

Chase Boulter scored 28 points for Gilpin with 4 touchdowns and 4 conversion points. Matthew Immordino came in at 3 TDs and 2 conversion points, and Bjorn Tomlinson ran in one TD and made 6 conversion points. Angel Gomez contributed 2 points on a conversion.

Boulter led the Eagles in rushing, with 206 yards gained in 19 carries. He was followed by Immordino with 185 yards in 13 carries and Tomlinson with 49 yards in 7 carries. Teammates who also had an opportunity to carry the ball included Will Lorenz, Eryk Lorenz, Angel Gomez, Manny Gomez, and Daniel Madrigal-Garcia. Total team yardage was 490.


The Lady Eagles were unsuccessful in their bid to win playoff games last weekend. In a semifinal away playoff match on October 29 with the Community Christian Crusaders of Northglenn, Gilpin was overcome 3-1. Set scores, with the Crusaders shown first, were 25/13, 25/22, 18/25, and 25/19.

The Lady Eagles went on to play Longmont Christian in Northglenn on October 31 in a District 8 finals match, losing 3-1. Set scores, with Longmont shown first, were 23/25, 25/16, 25/14, and 25/20.

This concludes the season for the Lady Eagles. Although the team won’t be participating in the regional tournament, these athletes are to be congratulated for their 14-7 season record.

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