Dreamcatch characters draw you in

Book Review

by Logan O’Brien

Life-size characters and an intriguingly original plot make Emma Berg’s first novel Dreamcatch a must read.

Joseph Archer’s life is irreversibly changed when the ‘Catcher’ Madeleine comes to the house where he is employed, to cure the master’s son of a mysterious illness. In the process of curing the boy, Joseph is inhabited by a Shadow, and he must leave his old life behind to search for Madeleine and answers.

Dreamcatch is peopled with a fresh and exotic cast of characters whose subtle and intertwining motivations bring the world to life and add color and vibrance to the haunting island in which it is set.

Berg said that she had started her book as a short story, but the characters wouldn’t let her stop. Nine years later and the book is finally finished. “The book focuses on people,” she said “and I truly hope that it is a book readers will come back to.”

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