Demolishing non-historic structures as part of rehabilitation

Black Hawk City Council

by Heather Worrell

The Black Hawk City Council held their first regular meeting of the year on January 13. Mayor David Spellman called the meeting to order at 3 pm. All Council Alderman were present. No conflicts of interest were noted. There was also no public comment. Council began by approving the minutes from the December 9 meeting.

Mail Ballots

Three public hearings occurred. Mayor Spellman presented CB1, An Ordinance Repealing Ordinance Number 98-10. This 1998 ordinance notes that all elections must be conducted by mail ballot. With changes in Colorado Elections code, the old ordinance is no longer necessary. Council approved Council Bill 1 allowing the flexibility to conduct City elections by mail ballot or by conducting a polling place election.

Demolition of Non-Historic Structures at 400 Chase Street

Next on the agenda was Resolution 1-2016, a resolution approving a Certificate of Appropriateness for the demolition of non-historic structures Located at 400 Chase Street. Community Planning & Development Administrator Cynthia Linker explained owners Josh Smith and Mary Keefhus wish to demolish the non-historic structures as part of their historic rehabilitation program. The original home was built around 1898 and additional information was required in order to determine the estimated construction date of various additions and repairs since this was not determined during the 1991 NHL nomination. A wood analysis was completed indicating that a couple of historic doors and historic porch banisters within the non-historic structures were likely salvaged from the house or nearby buildings. Staff recommended these historic items be removed and protected during demolition. An asbestos inspection was also completed and the laboratory results indicated a minimal amount of asbestos content in the home. Various spots of mold were found where current or previous leaks had occurred. Lead-based paint was identified on both the building interior and exterior. Radon levels were found to be within acceptable limits. Council approved the resolution.

Tavern License for Altitude Bar at Ameristar Casino

Acting as the local liquor licensing authority, Council heard the consideration of a new tavern license for Ameristar Lake Charles Holdings, LLC dba Altitude Bar, 111 Richman Street, Ste. A. A modification request to remove the Altitude Bar within the Ameristar Casino on the second floor from the current liquor license has been requested to the state. The new license was approved. Ameristar General Manager Sean Demeule indicated the approval would alleviate the mass exodus of guests at 2 am on the roads and to other businesses, and allow for use of unused space to drive additional revenue and meet customer requests.

New Tavern License Requested for Jan’s Tavern at Z’s Casino

The last item was the Local Liquor Licensing Authority Consideration of a request for a New Tavern License for Jan’s Tavern, LLC at 101 Gregory Street, Unit #1, to set the Boundaries of the Neighborhood, and to Set a Date for Public Hearing. Jan’s Tavern will be located within Z’s Casino at 101 Gregory Street in an area previously licensed by the casino. Z Casino’s current Hotel/Restaurant license will be modified to delete 42 square feet to create the tavern. Z’s Casio has also applied for a Promotional Association/ Common Consumption Area. The Council, acting as the local liquor licensing authority, stated that the boundaries of the neighborhood would be determined and the public hearing will take place at the Council meeting on February 24.

Public Posting of Meeting Notices

City Clerk Melissa Greiner presented the first action item by Resolution 2-2016, a resolution establishing a Designated Public Place for the posting of meeting notices as required by the Colorado Open Meetings Law. Black Hawk City Hall was designated in the resolution approved by Council.

Temporary Construction Easement at 311 High Street

Cynthia Linker presented Resolution 3-2016, a resolution approving the Amended and Restated Temporary Construction Easement between the City of Black Hawk as Grantee and Grantor Lloyd Larsen. A temporary construction easement was granted in January 2015 at 311 High Street in order to complete the rehabilitation of 301 High Street. The scheduled project completion date is February 29. Council approved the resolution.

Revision to Fire Suppression System at Dory Hill Treatment Plant

Senior Civil Engineer James Ford presented Resolution 4-2016, a resolution approving a Trade Contractor Agreement for the Dory Hill Treatment Plant Fire Suppression System with L. Nothhaft & Son, Inc., in the Amount of $151,000. The City’s adopted Fire Code requires the system. Council approved the resolution.

City Manager Report

City Manager Jack Lewis had nothing to report, but introduced Police Chief Stephen Cole. He proposed a change in how the current policy manuals are updated with a Lexipol Policy Software Implementation Request. Cole indicated that they weren’t always timely about making updates as things change. Best practices, customized content for Colorado, and training can all be handled with the new proposed software program for a cost of $7,000. Hoffman indicated that if the technology were purchased, it would change the way the manual is updated. He explained that an ordinance would be forthcoming in the next six months to change the way this process occurs. Manager Lewis indicated the police department is a couple years behind in their updates, which are required in order to hold officers responsible. Alderman Hal Midcap and Benito Torres expressed concern with what were previously manual updates, now being made automatically without Council review and approval. Council did provide direction to Staff to go ahead and purchase the software with a general consensus.

City Attorney Report

City Attorney Corey Hoffmann indicated that he would be going to an upcoming Central City Council meeting in order to request an easement. Hoffman requested an executive session in relation to potential legislation.

Next Meeting

  The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 pm. The next meeting will be on January 27 at 3 pm.

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