Deb Wray candidate for Central City Council

Action Oriented – Realistic – Dependable

Yes, another election, I will try to keep this short but informative! I am a Colorado native, graduated from Bear Creek High school, found myself joining the Air Force at 22 in 1975. During my career I worked Flight Operations, Military Personnel, then worked at State Headquarters with the Adjutant General. During this time I also worked in Human Resources for over 12 years. I retired in 2002 with over 26 years as a Chief Master Sergeant. While in the Air Force I attended Arapahoe College. After retirement I worked for 10 years as the Office manager for an Army/Air National Guard Military non-profit, which lobbies Congress for training and equipment funding for the Guard.

I moved to Central City over 12 years ago, and immediately got involved with the community.


–President of Gilpin County Historical Society for four years. Overseeing the society organization, organize events, and coordinates volunteers. Action Oriented – Dependable

–Commissioner on the Historic Preservation Commission for the last six years, last three years as the Co-Chair.  Worked on the current City Design Plan that was updated and revamped for the future. Action Oriented – Realistic – Dependable

–Secured protection for Historic Cemeteries by negotiating with various governmental agencies to install fencing. Action Oriented – Realistic

I believe that these opportunities have helped me to know the city, the people, and to see what is needed for the future.

My Objectives/ Goals

–Respect the history – Central City has so much valuable history; stories to be told, buildings to be maintained, cemeteries to be respected.

–Bring diversified business into the city – realizing that gaming is the city’s primary source of income, the city still needs to bring in diversified businesses for families and tourists. Gaming and small businesses can complement each other. Both are important for the city to go forward.

–I want to encourage constituent’s perspectives on issues, concerns. I believe that the city council needs feedback on issues to make the right decision for both the city and citizens.

I live here. I care about the citizens. I care about the city. I am ready to work!

All I need is your vote for Deborah Wray!

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