Dave Mason entertains at the Reserve Casino

No disagreement, the people were ‘feelin’ alright’ Saturday night

By David Josselyn

  Fists were pumping and couples dancing to the classic rock sounds of Dave Mason, Saturday, April 27, at the Reserve Casino. Dave Mason is known for singing backup to Steve Winwood in the band Traffic before going solo. Mason also had a two-year stint with Fleetwood Mac on vocals and guitar. He is probably best known for the song, “We Just Disagree,” which had a lot of airplay in the late 70’s. Mason has written more than 100 songs recorded by himself and several other artists. At the start of Dave’s recording career, he sported the rebellious shoulder-length hair complete with beard and mustache. Last Saturday, the mustache and beard were still present, but the hair on top is gone. Bald is beautiful!

  The stage at the Lava Room sits below the dance floor leaving enough room for about 50 people to comfortably crowd the stage. The crowd quieted in eager and curious anticipation as the disembodied announcer introduced Dave Mason. Playing with Mason were Jonathan McEuen on guitar, and Alvino M. Bennett on drums. Looking down from above, there were more bald spots in the crowd than my parent’s lawn in August. The audience consisted of mostly 40 something’s and there is nothing quite as enjoyable as seeing a balding businessman pumping his fist in the air at the beginning of every song, shouting out his enjoyment of hearing Dave Mason’s music live. The upper level was more laid back with their appreciation of the concert. There was a dichotomy in the room between the older adults and the younger twenty-something’s. Conversations ranged from politics among the elders, to relationships among the younger generations.

  Mason opened with “World In Changes,” an energetic song with several great guitar licks. He followed with the snappy “Good to You,” before launching into some Traffic classics. Five songs in, Dave takes a break allowing Jonathan McEuen to dazzle the crowd with an instrumental bluegrass song played on electric guitar. After coming back with another Traffic song, “Dear Mr. Fantasy,” the crowd livened up and there was much frenetic fist pumping hearing the opening strains of “We Just Disagree.” Mason kept the crowd going with several other Traffic songs mixed with a couple of originals. There was more than one air guitar and one elderly gentlemen started to get down on the dance floor when “Only You Know and I Know” started to play. One man was effectively using his over-sized belly as a sound board as he strummed to stylings of Jonathan McEuen. The evening came to a close with “All Along the Watchtower;” a hard-rocking Bob Dylan song that Dave originally played with Jimi Hendrix. The song includes a rocking interlude reminiscent of the climax from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” before segueing into bluesy bass stepping awesomeness.

  The concert given by Dave Mason was very entertaining and kept the crowd involved. Classic rock fans had nothing to be disappointed about. If you think otherwise, well, we just disagree…

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