Congressman Neguse virtual town hall

November 23rd for 2nd Congressional District

By Jaclyn Schrock

US Congressman Joe Neguse has served Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District in the US House of Representatives since January 2019. From Washington D.C. Congressman Neguse coordinated a call-in virtual town hall meeting for our 2nd Congressional District, of which Gilpin County is a part, on Monday, Nov. 23, 2020 from 5-6pm.

This is the 14th virtual town hall Congressman Neguse has held since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Other town hall meeting dates and locations can be found at

Covid-19 and emergency management for Colorado’s wildfires were the topics of Monday’s town hall meeting. The authorities working to respond to these emergencies were recognized and appreciated.

From his website or an email invited those interested in joining the town hall meeting. Once a constituent asked to join via phone call, information was provided as to the phone number to call and the passcode to listen to Congressman Neguse and the panel of authorities prepared to address concerns and previously submitted questions.

The panel consisted of:

–Congressman Joe Neguse

–Dr. France, Chief Medical Officer at Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

–Dr. Zayak, Boulder County Public Health Director

–Daniel Chase, Chief of Staff at Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

–Lori Hodges, Director of Larimer Office of Emergency Management

The town hall meeting opened with Congressman Neguse introducing the format and panel. Each member was able to contribute their welcome and expertise.

Recognizing the increase in COVID-19 cases in the US and Colorado, empathy for all was expressed.

Discussion started with available services for testing and care, recognizing the fatigue we all have for the precautions needed to prevent spreading the virus. Safe practices and testing were covered.

Discussion on the unpredictable ways positive test results play out, without symptoms, with mild, moderate and severe cases. Condolences were expressed for the many losses of life and the loss of our way of life.

Neguse has been seeking reliable information for supporting Coloradans and provided updates on COVID-19. Sharing information with the public is his first response.

Sharing updates with influential authorities has also been an ongoing process. Balancing needs and resources has been another targeted strategy to keep our nation financially stable.

Listed bills proposed and passed in the US House to help our heroes, medical community, businesses and communities were recalled. Frustration with a lack of cooperation from the US Senate to do what best serves the people seemed an underlying echo.

Congressman Neguse’s bills sponsored by and voting record are also on his website. The list of committees he serves on is also available.

Congressman Neguse reminded town hall listeners of the ways he has been working with Colorado first responders and federal leaders to address the needs of Coloradans through this devastating 2020 fire season. The 2nd Congressional District has had some of the largest fires ever in Colorado this year.

A few stories were told of heroes and community members who worked hard to contain the fires and to care for communities disrupted by the wild fires.

In October, Congressman Neguse released a Wildfire Resource Guide. Constituents could find information in this guide regarding:

–How to prepare for an evacuation

–Where to find local resources

–How to replace federal document of they are lost

The last 10 minutes were devoted to each of the panel members emphasizing best practices for these two concerns, fire and Covid, and the panel summarizing and thanking Congressman Neguse for the opportunity to bring information to his constituents.

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