Community & poetry in the time of the coronavirus

Local poets highlight their work online

By Michael Carlson

Every year the Library showcases the works of local poets. This year through the magic of Zoom we can still bring the community together once again. Join Stith Bennett, Gurattan Helgeson, Burt Rashbaum, Ray Phillips, and master of ceremonies Christine Weeber, as she introduces us to some old favorites and new creations from her fellow artists. An open mic will be available the second half of the night for other artists to share their work.

The event begins at 7:00 pm on Saturday, July 25th. Join Zoom Meeting at this link:

When not living off-grid or getting edgy as a political activist, Stith Bennett is a recovering physicist, hi-tech entrepreneur, quality guru, and college professor. His successful recovery trajectory—involving every one of these afflictions—engages music and poetry.

Gurattan Helgeson has written poetry/shorts for various chapbooks and is now writing a historical novel. A medical engineering business is how he makes a living while he practices and teaches kundalini yoga, raises organic veggies, works out, writes, and shares awareness with friends.

Ray Phillips has published poetry in some local chapbooks and the now sadly defunct Daily Planet Almanac. In the last few years since retirement from CU, he finished his first novel, Awakening La Luz, and has been working with his wife and chief editor, Donna, to prepare it for submission to DAW. Ray Phillips loves words. He loves crafting them. He loves the way they sound, the way they look on the page, the way they feel on the tongue. He loves their power and history. He believes they can do anything. He believes if we change the story, we change the world.

Burt Rashbaum has published nonfiction (A Century of Love), fiction (Becoming an American, Tears for My Mother, The Ones that I Know), and poetry (Blue Pedals), and he has produced two cd’s of original music (Tools of Creation and Quantum Limp). His latest book of poetry is Of the Carousel. His collaborative poem “le digital corpse” will appear this month in ART IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 by San Fedele Press.

Christine Weeber is the author of two poetry chapbooks, In the Understory of Her Being and Sastrugi. Her poetry and prose have appeared in A Poetic Inventory of Rocky Mountain National Park, Under the Devil’s Thumb, Solo: On Her Own Adventure, and other publications. Christine is the copy editor, poetry editor, and a development editor at SAPIENS, an online magazine that illuminates the world of anthropology for a general audience.

For further information, visit or contact Michael Carlson at 303-582-0161.

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