Communications tower at Justice Center in progress

Employee severance, monthly reports

By Lynn Volkens

Gilpin County Commissioners Buddy Schmalz, Connie McLain and Gail Watson met the morning of March 26, 2013 to review various in-house reports and discuss progress on the communications tower proposed at the Justice Center.

Living with Wildlife Month

Commissioner Watson added a Proclamation of May as Living with Wildlife Month to start the meeting; it was approved 3-0.

Communications Tower

  Because they did not have all of the information needed to make a decision, Commissioners removed from their agenda an agreement proposed by Communications Supervisor, Steven Watson, to contract the work to retrofit and install a communications tower to be located near the Justice Center. This item will come back at a future Commissioners meeting.

Proposed is a 140-foot County-owned tower with the labor and materials necessary to make it functional provided by Complete Wireless Technologies of Windsor, CO. Complete Wireless Technologies proposes a cost of the groundwork, concrete, crane and erection of the tower section of $34,074. The self-supporting heavy duty tower is designed with a tapered top and a weight of 3,913 pounds. The wind load still needs to be verified for the tower and, if Commissioners find it unacceptable, they may need to make alterations to the tower or could decide not to construct it after all.

Employee Severance Package

  Following up on a work session held with Commissioners on March 12th, Human Resources Director Susie Allen presented a proposed Guideline for Severance Package. The proposal states that in the event of involuntary termination due to a reduction in force, lack of work, lack of funding, job elimination, reorganization, or other business necessity, the County may provide a range of compensation from one week’s pay to employees who have worked for the County at least one year up, to five week’s pay for employees who have worked for the County ten or more years. The severance benefit doesn’t apply to terminations for cause or when an employee refuses to be reassigned to another job within the County. Employees may be required to sign a release of claims in exchange for the severance and when, possible will be paid in a lump sum. Severance pay is subject to budgetary considerations and is to be calculated on base pay only. Required taxes will be taken from it prior to payment. Commissioners told Allen to proceed with the policy. It will be up to Commissioners to pre-approve all severance payments.

Clerk and Recorder’s Report

  Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder Colleen Stewart presented her February 2013 report showing department revenues of $113, 651 for that month. Of that, $49,269 was disbursed to the State; $47,828 to the County Treasurer; $1,175 to Central City; $80 to the Domestic Abuse Fund; $44 to Black Hawk; $16 to POST; $12 to the State Health Fund; and the Clerk’s office retained $15,229. Revenues generated from State Motor Vehicle Late Fees amounted to $3,420 and Uninsured Motorist Fees brought in $298. Passport revenue was $150.

Treasurer’s Report

  Alynn Huffman, Gilpin County Treasurer, presented her February 2013 report. As of last month, 24.14% of County Taxes had been collected (compared to 28.49% at the same time last year). County coffers contained a grand total of $11,323,798. That compares to $10,881,243 in February 2012.

Coyote Circle Variance Request

  A the request of applicant, Lawrence M. Krug, Jr., Commissioners removed the 1147 Coyote Circle variance request from their agenda and will continue the public hearing for that item at a future date.

Departmental Reports

  At Gilpin County Public Library, 2,534 items were circulated from February 13 to March 13. Most popular are adult DVD movies and television series (521 items) followed by children’s and young adult materials at 502 items. E-book “check-outs” numbered 119. During the 20 open days last month, the number of visits was estimated at 1,073. A new automation program called AspenCat, which integrates with other library systems producing a database of close to 600,000 items, is now in the works and expected to be operational in early August.

The Public Health Environmental Activities February report shows seventeen retail food establishment inspections had been completed, resulting in eleven critical violations. One retail food establishment license had been issued. Seven maintenance contracts had been received for Individual Sewage Disposal Systems; five warnings of expired contracts had been issued; and two had been released from violations.

The Public Health Population-Based Activities report for February shows five participants in the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program and two in the Nurse Family Partnership program. Two people had gotten flu vaccinations; two had gotten hepatitis B vaccinations. The department had conducted eleven health education programs for the month and ten cardiac risk assessments. Six residential radon testing kits and five residential water testing kits had been administered.

WestMuttster Coming Up

  Organizers of the WestMuttster Dog Day Afternoon Dog Show, scheduled for June 9, 2013 in Idaho Springs, have asked Commissioners to consider a $100-$200 sponsorship donation for the event. The event benefits the Friends of Charlie’s Place, a non-profit group which provides medical and other services to the animals at the Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter. Commissioners are considering how best to support the animal shelter and made no decision on this item.

I-70 Lane Closures Continue

  Traffic will continue to be stopped for 20 minute increments at the Twin Tunnels near Idaho Springs through April 1st, in order to accommodate blasting and rock scaling. The stops will not take place during high traffic periods.

Attorney’s Update

  County Attorney Jim Petrock reported there was good news – as in no news.

Work Session

  Following the business meeting, Commissioners met with Parks and Recreation Coordinator Kathi Lambert and Human Resources Director Allen to discuss reconfiguring part-time lifeguard/ receptionist positions into one full-time lifeguard/ receptionist position at the Community Center. If Commissioners decide to formalize this move, the financial impact to the 2013 budget would be an additional cost of $8,172.

Heads Up

  Gilpin County Commissioners meet next on April 9, 2013.

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